21 March 2017

To my favourite furniture shop

“Where you moving?”

“Onto better things,” I said.

No la, I kid. Such deep answers can never come from me I guess. I’ve mentioned this on Dayre already but would like to say it again because well, no apparent reasons. Just because I feel like it.

What started off as a coincidental “fate” when I was applying for my first job, ended up, showing me the amazing peoples that I could possibly meet at work. I definitely do not have a thing for furnitures or decorating my space. But, it had grew on me. This giant blue and yellow furniture shop have grown as a part of me.

It had actually nurtured, shaped, guided and brought me to where I stand today. Less than a year at work, I already felt like I was at my comfort zone. I love my job, I love my coworkers and I actually enjoyed going to work and finish off tasks! Sure, there are times where it was so challenging but as a team, we managed to complete everything.

I have my bad days. I dread thinking of what to have for breakfast. I dread having to jam to work everyday and trying to be as punctual (thou I was never late, but I really just wanted to be one of the first few to reach to work), I dread coming back from work. Boy, that’s the toughest part. Don’t get me started on the rainy days. I dread to meet every tight deadlines. I once had panic attack every day for almost a month just because the deadlines were really, really tight. I dread having to stay back JUST to meet deadlines.

But you know work is work and you ought to complete it. I am no workaholic. I am a strong believer on work-life balance. I hate receiving emails/text from agencies after my working hours. I also… maybe… don’t really like receiving texts from my boss over the weekend. I really just want my time off and enjoy my weekend while I can still have it.

After almost two years, I’ve also decided that it’s time to move on to better things in life. I choose to believe that there are better things awaiting me out there in this hectic and fast paced world.

The economy is definitely not kind to everyone of us. I wish I could proudly say that I am not affected. Growing up is no joke pfft. But I’ve also managed to land myself on a nice and decent job at such tough time. Also many many thanks to my fav boss for helping me out. She doesn’t owe me anything, but she’ve gone to take the extra measure to help me hunt for jobs. I really really cannot be anymore thankful.

It’ve only been a month since my new role kicked in. I won’t deny but I struggled so bad during the first two weeks. But yeah, it just kinda takes time to adjust and adapt. I’m in good hands now people!

Why do you think you are actually getting a piece of my mind now?

Well, that’s just cos I have nothing to do at work wtf.