03 April 2015

Gone with the wind?

Hej you! That's how we greet people in our office. While I may have grew out of the phase of blogging on blogs, I grew a love for blogging on-the-go on micro-blogs. Catch me on dayre.me/ohmyvivian if you're keen. I just had a quick look on the analytics and to my dismay, I have at least 10 page views? Haha honestly wasn't expecting any as I'm completely on hiatus. AFK. GONE. Whatever you may call.

But I knew I needed to keep this chapter jotted down and I do read my old posts from time to time. It’s always good to reminisce because it is something I do reflect on. Well, as of 16th March 2015, I have joined a furniture company. Not a difficult guess but it shan’t be disclosed either. Everyone knows my passionate love towards the beauty field. I love it, from skincare to beauty tools, there’s nothing I don’t love about beauty. But if I were to pick one, maybe it’s the competition between women that I don’t anticipate for. I tried sending several CVs over but there weren’t any replies.

I was on a hunt for jobs for 2 months. It’s nothing depressing but I just thought besides going to Taiwan in January, I could’ve been to even more places. That’s probably my only regret. The company I joined was out of pure luck I’d say. I chanced upon it by faith wtf while submitting CV’s for other companies. I honestly didn’t expect a reply nor did I even expect them to see it. Guess they take applications quite seriously. 1 month later when I was pretty down about not having replies after sending it to 6 companies, I finally received an interview opportunity.

And as I typed this, I was just handed over a bundle of work. Intended to skip lunch but a newbie rule is to never skip lunch because it’s the best bonding session. Its too soon for me to say that I love it here but I do love everything that is provided here. The really dirt cheap meals really saves my purse from burning. All is good thus far. My job scope is something that I also did not expect to come across. It’s easy but challenging in a way. Everyday I’m learning something new and you know what’s most important? The people I’m working with. They are really nice and pretty caring people I’d say.

Even though I might not be here for long but this choice was one of the best decision I had made. I embarked this journey with full motivation and enthusiasm of wanting to do well and showing people what I have got to offer. I had my thoughts on hold when I was called upon but really thankful that I did not make an impulsive decision to decline or else you will find me sulking over my bad decision and crying over a spilled milk wtf.

Okay. It’s 3pm now and I’ve got really, really lots of work to be done.


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