09 December 2015

An overview of 2015 and 2016 New Year's resolution

Hello... It's me... I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to hear from me....

Or may be not?

I'm unofficially on my long leave break and I'm really enjoying all the rest I'm getting. Picking up from where I last updated, yes I'm officially working and even before work, I've longed stopped writing and converted to micro-blogging and I honestly doubt anyone's reading this but as I've always mentioned, this is only solely for a personal memory.

I haven't come very far from where I last stopped but I've put in great amount of effort to my job. Ironically, I'm always that girl whose known to look for a 'job', not so much of a career. But for some apparent reasons, I've slowly grown to want to do more and achieve more in life. I don't want to look back 10 years down the road and have lots of regrets with lots of "could have" in my mind. Hopefully 10 years later I'm also married of course wtf.

I'm very attached to my company and sometimes I'm afraid that I will never leave this place. 人望高处 they say, but comfort to me wins more than anything. I love my job and I love what I'm doing and honestly I think I'm pretty good at what I'm doing too. I work with an amazing group of ladies whom I know I could count on and they would hear me out. Yes, tried and tested. Everyone in my team is very welcoming and I could not thank enough for my superiors who really tried to help me get what I want. I'm really not so confident that I could find the same treatment out there you know.

I'm learning a lot and I'm just thankful for all the chances that I've given to prove myself for my dedication and hard work. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I could be converted to a full timer. After all, the benefits still varies. From time to time, there are companies that approaches me whom I feel that I could grow and learn even more but I know it will never be the same as how it is as compared to my current company. Am I baptized? I guess so.. But I have a timeline for myself that I wish that I could achieve more than just what I have now. And if the time is up and I am not able to get what I want, I guess that's the time where I bid my farewells.

2015 was a brand new start of a chapter in my life. I have my ups and downs but their not something that have impacted my life a lot in any way. As I grow older, honestly I only want the best of health to people I dearly care and love. Nothing beats more than happiness, world peace and leave those poor animals alone!

I guess the next time I'm writing, it would be Dec 2016.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance everybody.

V xx

03 April 2015

Gone with the wind?

Hej you! That's how we greet people in our office. While I may have grew out of the phase of blogging on blogs, I grew a love for blogging on-the-go on micro-blogs. Catch me on dayre.me/ohmyvivian if you're keen. I just had a quick look on the analytics and to my dismay, I have at least 10 page views? Haha honestly wasn't expecting any as I'm completely on hiatus. AFK. GONE. Whatever you may call.

But I knew I needed to keep this chapter jotted down and I do read my old posts from time to time. It’s always good to reminisce because it is something I do reflect on. Well, as of 16th March 2015, I have joined a furniture company. Not a difficult guess but it shan’t be disclosed either. Everyone knows my passionate love towards the beauty field. I love it, from skincare to beauty tools, there’s nothing I don’t love about beauty. But if I were to pick one, maybe it’s the competition between women that I don’t anticipate for. I tried sending several CVs over but there weren’t any replies.

I was on a hunt for jobs for 2 months. It’s nothing depressing but I just thought besides going to Taiwan in January, I could’ve been to even more places. That’s probably my only regret. The company I joined was out of pure luck I’d say. I chanced upon it by faith wtf while submitting CV’s for other companies. I honestly didn’t expect a reply nor did I even expect them to see it. Guess they take applications quite seriously. 1 month later when I was pretty down about not having replies after sending it to 6 companies, I finally received an interview opportunity.

And as I typed this, I was just handed over a bundle of work. Intended to skip lunch but a newbie rule is to never skip lunch because it’s the best bonding session. Its too soon for me to say that I love it here but I do love everything that is provided here. The really dirt cheap meals really saves my purse from burning. All is good thus far. My job scope is something that I also did not expect to come across. It’s easy but challenging in a way. Everyday I’m learning something new and you know what’s most important? The people I’m working with. They are really nice and pretty caring people I’d say.

Even though I might not be here for long but this choice was one of the best decision I had made. I embarked this journey with full motivation and enthusiasm of wanting to do well and showing people what I have got to offer. I had my thoughts on hold when I was called upon but really thankful that I did not make an impulsive decision to decline or else you will find me sulking over my bad decision and crying over a spilled milk wtf.

Okay. It’s 3pm now and I’ve got really, really lots of work to be done.