28 January 2014


"Because to say is easy, to do is difficult,"

Only when you love yourself,

I can do this. I can impress. I can do good. I can feel good. I can be pretty. I can love others. I can be loved. I can be confident. I can surprise. I can be proud. I can work this out. I can throw away disappointment. I can amaze. I can let go of this.

I'm positive. I didn't took that step to go through another round of disappointment. I did it for my own good. For I know, I will work things out and bring back that smile. I will mend my mistakes and never put it on repeat. For I know, the pain and sorrow that I caused was too hurtful.

People say, people make mistakes. I say its incomparable.

I close my eyes and pray.


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