28 August 2013

- - - - ✈ beachy redang holiday ♀▪♂ ✗

The long awaited holiday finally arrived! Even though everyone was in a tremendously down mood due to certain family problems by few, I think we all enjoyed ourselves........ except me.

Well its not something I can really have control of isn't it? OCD decided to kick in and what more we were all cheated by the website photos. How did I not come to realize that photos can be deceiving lol. I'm sure few was unhappy, only because I am the only one with the lowest tolerance that doesn't make me a queen okay?

We had our stay in Redang Beach Resort. Wouldn't even go to how dirty the toilet is... I guess it is supposed to be yellow-stained and dodgy looking with many mosquitoes? Yup, most probably so but then again with the amount of price I paid I cannot entirely be complaining about wanting a 4-star looking room can I? If I had to rate the room, I think its cheap motel standard. I have so much hatred from the toilet to a point I remember every details of it except the photos are not with me anymore. My laptop crashed and I had to get a new one hence its in the old laptop's hard disk.

However, despite the shitty toilet... Everything there is breathtaking. The view specifically. It sucks that I have to travel at least 4 hours away from the city to enjoy such beautiful mother nature. Redang Beach Resort is a good facilitated resort I'd say. Trying to be less critic here but I like everything of the resort except their toilet okay!!! Also it has 4 meals/day so you may stuff yourself and gain 1 or 2kg back. I'd probably spend less than RM20 throughout the 4d3n trip.

Anyway! Would love to go back again for a different resort and I am more than willing to pay for more atas resort just for the environment. Nope, going under the sun isn't my thing either lolololol. I just love the breeze and environment. Don't judge wtf.

I hand-picked some photos to share! Not much but sufficient to make my Chrome lagged a little while zz.

Shall we?

Lorong Sempit? While we were waiting for ferry, our bus dropped us at Chinatown for a walk. Oh btw, Redang Beach Resorts service is the bomb. Everyone is super nice and helpful!

When we boarded the ferry!


Random dude hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Lo and behold....... didn't even edit this wtf super beautiful please!!




How did I spend my 4d3n?

To be frank, everyone of us thought it was tad too long. & especially to me, who pretty much just spend my time there sitting, it was ntg much. Somehow or rather, time in Redang seems to passby so slow. Each time I check for time, hoping it would had passed an hour or so, it'll only be 20 minutes? We sleep and wake up early everyday. Guess that was the healthiest days we had for the past.. few years lol.

My annoying superstar friend. I guess he was singing his very chinese new year song while posing hehe.

What's a beach holiday without some beachy shots!

Dei... your leg....





Guess its not a beachy holiday until you see burial shots! Oops, did that came out wrong?



Annoying dudes whoring.





All in all, twas' a great holiday if you delete the horrendous toilet image from my mind. I enjoyed the company and I LOVED the evening sea. Not the sun thou, I spend more time in the swimming pool than sea.

Lastly, a complete group shot of my extended family.



05 August 2013

Instagram Updates // Sembreak thus far...

In the eyes of many, its not productive. In a student's stand, this is what you call a HOLIDAY. Though it could have been better but this was the kind of holiday I was seeking for. Being caught up with absolutely nothing, sleep till past noon, just lying down on the sofa curled up in a blanket catching up on all the remaining dramas. C'est la vie, literally.

However, all good thing comes to an end. Tomorrow its the unofficial start of yet another hectic semester since the Raya break falls on the same week woohoo!

In no sequence, below are some random updates from Instagram.

Untitled Untitled
By Mukha at TTDI. It was a caught up session with Mas. So good to be filling up the bits&pieces that we missed out on each other. He always brings me to really nice places and probably because I always threatened him if the place is shit, I am going to kill him.

This was hands down the best red velvet cake I'd ever tried T_________________T Many says that Upstairs Cafe serves really good red velvet cake but but... honestly I thought it was below mediocre? The cake wasn't even placed in the fridge/cooler/chiller? I've no idea what its called lol.

Mas's favorite was Mars Bar smtg Cheese smtg cake. I'm sorry I totally forgot the name lol but I assure you its not disappointing! Unless of cos yre not a cheese fans la wtf. So excited for my next visit over Mukha already!


Different nights, same place with almost same people. I've visited the place 3 times and I think its safe to say that I honestly don't like Coffea Coffee. I dislike the drinks and the only cake that tasted "okay" was the red velvet lol. Beats the one from Upstairs Cafe & Starbucks. Good place for late night coffee and cake fix since it opens till 2am but mehhh... wouldn't go again if I have a choice. Probably bc I'm a tea fan not coffee as well. #justmytwocents #donthateme


Feeling too damn comfy I supposed.

I fell in love. Our r/ship is pretty confusing bc I'm confused with my status with his mom as well lol. His maternal grandfather is my dad's cousin brother? So what does that makes me? Grand aunt wtf? I like to just settle with "Che Che".

Untitled Untitled
Mom with dad's horrible presbyopia lenses. Mom enjoys scaring kids whenever she puts on glasses and say, "我是校长!!" Very childish I kid you not.

Loverboy was so darn happy that he breathe snores when he was brought out for a walk. It got him crazy excited that he was a little out of control. Trying to bring him out for more walks lately because his been extremely overweight. Anyway, rare shot with him! He must be really happy.

Also, his been extremely clingy with me. He would just lie down on my arms. But the story behind this photo was... we were both covered under the sheets while I was catching up with #IHearYourVoice and suddenly there was a really bad bad fart smell wtf. There was only me and him in the living room. Well, if its not me then it must be him isn't it?! & he farted under the sheets TWICE. But it got me laughing lololol. Mom refuse to believe that dog actually farts.

Oh oh! & that's my starstruck moment with Tricia Chen! =3 if you didn't know, she's Edison Chen's sister lolol.

Well, that pretty much sums up my sembreak. All my Redang pictures are left untouched and I honestly have no patience to sit down and edit one by one anymore. It's been too long.. but I'll do it soon! I wanna keep a post for myself to remember my not so fantastic experience with the hotel lolololol.


Until next time!