10 July 2013

Au Revoir Y2 Sem 1!

My oh my, was it another semester full of tears and sweat.

Thats exactly how I felt during my last paper yesterday. I think I went a little bonkers the last 10 minutes. I hope my lecturer understands whatever I was writing in there cause.... it was pretty messed up :S

Yup, pretty bad. So I basically rushed through the whole thing without even having a proper read? It was sooooooo lack of time.

I guess I wasn't alone. Everyone was pretty much rushing through the last few minutes. Oh well, *fingers crossed* for the results. I'm not even being greedy to begin with! Just a pass and I'm more than happy! This is just one of the many papers that if you failed it, you would probably be crying to do it again. So.... nup, I am not doing it again lol.

Anyway, I'm a free bird now until August! I'm sho sho sho sho happy and delighted! Been needing this holiday for the longest time. Will be going on a short getaway with collegemates next week ;) Can't waaaaaaait already!

For now...

Starting... as of now.


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