19 June 2013

The Majesty's Day


A short and simple celebration with my Majesty last Sunday. Well besides having a bad night sleep from over-stressing myself with assignments and waking up with a very bad migraine the next morning & also additional bombs from my Royal Highness in the afternoon, it was considered a good day I guess.

But sadly, no, there aren't any family portrait took. I guess my family isn't those who are really keen for photography sessions. We just.. never seem to want to build that photo album collection ever since 2004. That's a good 9 years. Was just trying out the new HTC One, boy am I sold for the picture quality!!!


I added additional touch of filters lololol but the photo is no where to be photoshopped wtf. The ones provided on applications can do just so little changes and I obviously cannot be bothered to edit it on my laptop. That little bugger haven't been opened since dinosaur age lol.


My Majesty, looking happy after probably 64823513242 times of repeatedly telling him to SMILE.

This photo shows a little more credit to the phone lol. /n\ well I can't compare can I. My phone produces really grainy images lol. That's my loverboy btw!

Time to buzz for class. Toodles.


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