23 March 2013

When words becomes indescribable

What do you do when you are truly disappointed, devastated and heart broken at all your doings but yet there is absolutely no one that you could talk to about?

Crying yourself to bed is to opt for. How is it that after exactly 10 years, you are still not sorry for your doings and assume everything of you, is right? You are spoilt. Spoilt with too much of love, and freedom that you took everything else for granted. You misused whatever that was given to you and broke the hearts of those who care, those who love.

She finally did it. The way you wanted the message to be delivered to you after yearning it for such a long period of time. What's your take then? Are you going to let those who are dearly to you go through another taste of disappointment? How did you do it anyway? Without feeling guilty? Or only feeling it after doing it. You are just one of a kind.

Not that it matters because there is only one kind of disappointment. The kind that would make you feel ultimately terrible about yourself. The kind that would make you feel like your existence only becomes a burden to others and that you should just fuck off from this world. You will indeed make world a better place for everyone else.

You are just another selfish bitch who assumes that you are always right about everything. High in ego, no self-conscience and inconsiderate. Congratulations, you certainly did brought disappointment to a whole new level.


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