05 March 2013


As title mentioned,

Why am I writing at such timing? Because..... kick lai liao. I am so inspired to write especially each time after reading posts from my current favourite blogger. I can't remember when was the last time I felt so much for a blogger but boy I know it's been long. Picking up reading again - brushing up from dusty and rusty English.

Also, I'd just entered my new phase of life. I am now officially a undergraduate student! Not to mention, today was also the first day of all classes. 7 months.. I can't believe it's been 7 months since I studied. This is probably my longest break took in my entire life as a student lolololol. Mmmm hmmm no idea how I survived through 7 months of unproductive life to all but honestly, I enjoyed and now missing it. That life of nothing but pure laziness and not forgetting my best friend of 7 months named FatBum. Precisely, it was 5 months. With all the shifting and preparation for my brother's wedding. My utmost biggest regret is probably not going on a holiday. It kills and saddens my heart whenever I think of it. I... wasted my 7 months doing nothing and also not going on a holiday when I could before classes comes kicking in, in Degree? I blame no one but my Mom. She killed all my plans.

First day of classes were pretty horrifying itself. I don't know what's with the lecturers I encountered, they totally scare me off with every word coming out from their mouth. Not forgetting, the goosebumps I had while walking to class lol. I picture a big big headache coming. Everything sounds easy but yet deep down yknow how difficult everything is.


I see I see. It is now time for bed. Gotta be up by 6am.

God, hand me a gun already.

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