14 March 2013

Love's Twenty First

Super postdated post. We had an early celebration together (just few days after my ridiculous hangover bday) at Ribs by Vintry. Credits to whoever that suggested and whoever that agreed. I am madly in love with the food there pls! Nope, wasn't on starvation mode but the pricey food there really lives up to my expectation. I don't think I'm entirely picky with tastes? I'm just kinda anal when it comes to picking what and where to eat lololol.

Anyway, twas' also a mini celebration. Love is always a person who grows old with me. We always feel the same about celebrations. No where crowded and loud is basically a good place. Only wanted a chilling night. So it was just the few of us again. We did the drinking session earlier and dinner on the exact date. Which some of us did end up looking like this....

Check the asian girl behind me out. #asiangirlwasted

What a glam shot.

The smell of alcohol disgusts me to a whole new level. Whoever that says, "Come on, it's your 21st! You only turn 21st once in your lifetime! You should get drunk... Like KO kind of drunk," totally deserves a slap! Come to think of it its really stupid. I obviously grow a year older once consecutively so every year also have to get drunk meh!? Hahahahaahahaha but our plan of getting birthday girl drunk did not succeed. && I obviously escaped everything. Not for her unconditional love for me (she was so cray when she poured the drinks for us, mad woman) but because I acted all pussy and drunk hahahhaahahhaha lolol and I'm glad I did. ^^

I guess it was my only shot of the night lol.

#motn basically also the only kind of look I doz -_-

Sucha bummer. I initially really wanted to make her a card and revenge on making her tear for making me cry on my birthday. But but... I forgot what was I busy with and I had no time to do one. But the gift I got her was planned 3 months before! Talk about efficiency and heart ok! I guessed we all enjoyed ourselves despite all the failure in plans.

Next year's plan: shall not be disclosed >:)


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