19 March 2013

Laser Tag Fun! @ Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid

One fine day, we were all talking about how paintball can be fun, painful and exciting. And then someone mentioned about something less painful! Something equally fun, exciting, indoor and best thing is you won't be coming out with bruises. :) Sounds good no? Well paintball are called painball for a reason. And that one time experience with my oldest brother and my friends was bad. I hid in my base and practically did not make a move? Just by that, I came home with a bruise on my arm. Bad bad bruise.

Its near and a lot cheaper. RM 30 for 2 games. I remember paying RM90 for paintball with extra bullets? So not worth every single penny. I can't bare with any form of pain lol. So we opted for Laser Tag. Totally got me running like mad, mad. We were Team Green! I guess I wasn't that bad eyy. Got 1st place for the first round and 2nd after. Thou in the end, we lost hahahahahaha. Glad everyone had fun! All the screams and swearing going on. We were their first customer of the day so we got the whole place to ourselves.

Team Green all sweaty, salty and wet. Cough.


There, slightly better.

Anddddddddd, group shot!


Kind of look forward to the next play already. The next time: more & merrier!


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