10 March 2013

Just because I have no classes on Fridays

Yepppppp, the title says it all. I absolutely love life right now. Everything is falling into perfect mode, just exactly how I needed it to be. I don't feel like a bum anymore because classes had officially started. & I have the best timetable. Keeping fingers crossed that their not going to change it anymore.My body clock is starting to become right. Sleeping in early, waking up normally. I'd never woke up feeling this good in such a long time. Ahhhh, must be those happy positive vibes gushing out.

Classes went well. Occasionally do feel a little fucked up when assignments and tests are mentioned but oh well. I supposed my happiest times as a student would probably be my Diploma days. Those 2 and a half years of hard work, sweat, tears, angers and love. I can't picture Degree to be as good as Diploma would be. Well, too soon to say either. Introductory classes mainly hence nothing much. Ooh oh and my marketing lecturer is funny as hell. Cute in size, funny in words. Looks exactly like an uncle you would see along the street but boy he really got us all cracked up.

Its been only a week but everything seems like a dreadful month.


Above mentioned, was supposed to be posted 2 days ago but my blogging mojo died all of a sudden. You now see how lazy of a person I can be. Sometimes I just amazes myself.

But I do have just 2 words to whom it may concern. It may or may not be directed to you. But if that is how overly sensitive you are and to assume it is maybe for you, then go ahead. Take these 2 words. No charges. Just for you as well.

I'm good, I'm done.

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