13 March 2013



Just got done with The Carrie Diaries S109.

..... and absolutely inspired. I'm such a sucker for chick flicks. I basically love any chick flicks and there isn't any that I recall of hating? The latest episode of TCD is by far the best. Happy ending, mmmm me likey. It's a prequel of Sex and The City. Set is taken back in 1984. No spoilers! But I really do love it. Also starting to grow some love for AnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler! ;)

I honestly think I suck in writing now. THANK GOD I DON'T WRITE FOR A LIVING. Or I'll probably end up sleeping in the streets. I used to enjoy writing so much back in high school. I always loved writing essays and karangans! Always hated writing summaries because the word limit is crazy little lol. Look at me now ヽ(ー_ー )ノ I have a journal entry due soon and I am not sure how I feel about assignments...


Love likes to pop this random question to me. "Do you like work or prefer to study?" I am always so damn sure about studying. I don't like it but I know I have to because to me, Diploma is not good enough. Note: TO ME. I can't think of something I am really capable of that I can do for a living. Now when I'm back on the studying track, she asked me again. "Work or studies?" I doubted and paused to have a good thought. I can't really compare work because all I'd ever worked for was an internship. I'm pretty sure the work load I handled was really minimum and easy peasy. Don't seem like a really tough job.

I once opted to work when I was still indecisive but just one word from a friend, I was sold. "Your family isn't waiting for you to feed them," True enough and I thought it was pretty well said. Damn right. If paps can afford, why shouldn't I just enjoy studies for a couple more years before I enter the battlefield? Well afterall I have a life time to work. No hurry right. The thing is when I am studying, I don't exactly know what I am studying for. For a better future? Really? Then why do half of the people I meet says what you study may not be what you work as. So does that means that I'll put all my tertiary education fees to waste? Not like I haven't waste enough in primary and high school *coughs.


D r ea m s

If I have to write a short essay, less than 300 words about my dreams/goals, I can't even write 10. Am I at a phase of life where everyone will have crazy lots of doubts about themselves? Or is it just me whose thinking too much? Because honestly, I am starting to freak a little when I think of how small our country's currency is. Is there even a value in it? Well you see, I wouldn't want to be in the phase of life where I'll be at my 30s, living with my parents & not having my own properties.

Aren't we humans just irony? And occasionally enjoys living in denial.


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