23 March 2013

When words becomes indescribable

What do you do when you are truly disappointed, devastated and heart broken at all your doings but yet there is absolutely no one that you could talk to about?

Crying yourself to bed is to opt for. How is it that after exactly 10 years, you are still not sorry for your doings and assume everything of you, is right? You are spoilt. Spoilt with too much of love, and freedom that you took everything else for granted. You misused whatever that was given to you and broke the hearts of those who care, those who love.

She finally did it. The way you wanted the message to be delivered to you after yearning it for such a long period of time. What's your take then? Are you going to let those who are dearly to you go through another taste of disappointment? How did you do it anyway? Without feeling guilty? Or only feeling it after doing it. You are just one of a kind.

Not that it matters because there is only one kind of disappointment. The kind that would make you feel ultimately terrible about yourself. The kind that would make you feel like your existence only becomes a burden to others and that you should just fuck off from this world. You will indeed make world a better place for everyone else.

You are just another selfish bitch who assumes that you are always right about everything. High in ego, no self-conscience and inconsiderate. Congratulations, you certainly did brought disappointment to a whole new level.


19 March 2013

Laser Tag Fun! @ Galactic Laser, Sunway Pyramid

One fine day, we were all talking about how paintball can be fun, painful and exciting. And then someone mentioned about something less painful! Something equally fun, exciting, indoor and best thing is you won't be coming out with bruises. :) Sounds good no? Well paintball are called painball for a reason. And that one time experience with my oldest brother and my friends was bad. I hid in my base and practically did not make a move? Just by that, I came home with a bruise on my arm. Bad bad bruise.

Its near and a lot cheaper. RM 30 for 2 games. I remember paying RM90 for paintball with extra bullets? So not worth every single penny. I can't bare with any form of pain lol. So we opted for Laser Tag. Totally got me running like mad, mad. We were Team Green! I guess I wasn't that bad eyy. Got 1st place for the first round and 2nd after. Thou in the end, we lost hahahahahaha. Glad everyone had fun! All the screams and swearing going on. We were their first customer of the day so we got the whole place to ourselves.

Team Green all sweaty, salty and wet. Cough.


There, slightly better.

Anddddddddd, group shot!


Kind of look forward to the next play already. The next time: more & merrier!


14 March 2013

Love's Twenty First

Super postdated post. We had an early celebration together (just few days after my ridiculous hangover bday) at Ribs by Vintry. Credits to whoever that suggested and whoever that agreed. I am madly in love with the food there pls! Nope, wasn't on starvation mode but the pricey food there really lives up to my expectation. I don't think I'm entirely picky with tastes? I'm just kinda anal when it comes to picking what and where to eat lololol.

Anyway, twas' also a mini celebration. Love is always a person who grows old with me. We always feel the same about celebrations. No where crowded and loud is basically a good place. Only wanted a chilling night. So it was just the few of us again. We did the drinking session earlier and dinner on the exact date. Which some of us did end up looking like this....

Check the asian girl behind me out. #asiangirlwasted

What a glam shot.

The smell of alcohol disgusts me to a whole new level. Whoever that says, "Come on, it's your 21st! You only turn 21st once in your lifetime! You should get drunk... Like KO kind of drunk," totally deserves a slap! Come to think of it its really stupid. I obviously grow a year older once consecutively so every year also have to get drunk meh!? Hahahahaahahaha but our plan of getting birthday girl drunk did not succeed. && I obviously escaped everything. Not for her unconditional love for me (she was so cray when she poured the drinks for us, mad woman) but because I acted all pussy and drunk hahahhaahahhaha lolol and I'm glad I did. ^^

I guess it was my only shot of the night lol.

#motn basically also the only kind of look I doz -_-

Sucha bummer. I initially really wanted to make her a card and revenge on making her tear for making me cry on my birthday. But but... I forgot what was I busy with and I had no time to do one. But the gift I got her was planned 3 months before! Talk about efficiency and heart ok! I guessed we all enjoyed ourselves despite all the failure in plans.

Next year's plan: shall not be disclosed >:)


13 March 2013



Just got done with The Carrie Diaries S109.

..... and absolutely inspired. I'm such a sucker for chick flicks. I basically love any chick flicks and there isn't any that I recall of hating? The latest episode of TCD is by far the best. Happy ending, mmmm me likey. It's a prequel of Sex and The City. Set is taken back in 1984. No spoilers! But I really do love it. Also starting to grow some love for AnnaSophia Robb and Austin Butler! ;)

I honestly think I suck in writing now. THANK GOD I DON'T WRITE FOR A LIVING. Or I'll probably end up sleeping in the streets. I used to enjoy writing so much back in high school. I always loved writing essays and karangans! Always hated writing summaries because the word limit is crazy little lol. Look at me now ヽ(ー_ー )ノ I have a journal entry due soon and I am not sure how I feel about assignments...


Love likes to pop this random question to me. "Do you like work or prefer to study?" I am always so damn sure about studying. I don't like it but I know I have to because to me, Diploma is not good enough. Note: TO ME. I can't think of something I am really capable of that I can do for a living. Now when I'm back on the studying track, she asked me again. "Work or studies?" I doubted and paused to have a good thought. I can't really compare work because all I'd ever worked for was an internship. I'm pretty sure the work load I handled was really minimum and easy peasy. Don't seem like a really tough job.

I once opted to work when I was still indecisive but just one word from a friend, I was sold. "Your family isn't waiting for you to feed them," True enough and I thought it was pretty well said. Damn right. If paps can afford, why shouldn't I just enjoy studies for a couple more years before I enter the battlefield? Well afterall I have a life time to work. No hurry right. The thing is when I am studying, I don't exactly know what I am studying for. For a better future? Really? Then why do half of the people I meet says what you study may not be what you work as. So does that means that I'll put all my tertiary education fees to waste? Not like I haven't waste enough in primary and high school *coughs.


D r ea m s

If I have to write a short essay, less than 300 words about my dreams/goals, I can't even write 10. Am I at a phase of life where everyone will have crazy lots of doubts about themselves? Or is it just me whose thinking too much? Because honestly, I am starting to freak a little when I think of how small our country's currency is. Is there even a value in it? Well you see, I wouldn't want to be in the phase of life where I'll be at my 30s, living with my parents & not having my own properties.

Aren't we humans just irony? And occasionally enjoys living in denial.


10 March 2013

Just because I have no classes on Fridays

Yepppppp, the title says it all. I absolutely love life right now. Everything is falling into perfect mode, just exactly how I needed it to be. I don't feel like a bum anymore because classes had officially started. & I have the best timetable. Keeping fingers crossed that their not going to change it anymore.My body clock is starting to become right. Sleeping in early, waking up normally. I'd never woke up feeling this good in such a long time. Ahhhh, must be those happy positive vibes gushing out.

Classes went well. Occasionally do feel a little fucked up when assignments and tests are mentioned but oh well. I supposed my happiest times as a student would probably be my Diploma days. Those 2 and a half years of hard work, sweat, tears, angers and love. I can't picture Degree to be as good as Diploma would be. Well, too soon to say either. Introductory classes mainly hence nothing much. Ooh oh and my marketing lecturer is funny as hell. Cute in size, funny in words. Looks exactly like an uncle you would see along the street but boy he really got us all cracked up.

Its been only a week but everything seems like a dreadful month.


Above mentioned, was supposed to be posted 2 days ago but my blogging mojo died all of a sudden. You now see how lazy of a person I can be. Sometimes I just amazes myself.

But I do have just 2 words to whom it may concern. It may or may not be directed to you. But if that is how overly sensitive you are and to assume it is maybe for you, then go ahead. Take these 2 words. No charges. Just for you as well.

I'm good, I'm done.

05 March 2013


As title mentioned,

Why am I writing at such timing? Because..... kick lai liao. I am so inspired to write especially each time after reading posts from my current favourite blogger. I can't remember when was the last time I felt so much for a blogger but boy I know it's been long. Picking up reading again - brushing up from dusty and rusty English.

Also, I'd just entered my new phase of life. I am now officially a undergraduate student! Not to mention, today was also the first day of all classes. 7 months.. I can't believe it's been 7 months since I studied. This is probably my longest break took in my entire life as a student lolololol. Mmmm hmmm no idea how I survived through 7 months of unproductive life to all but honestly, I enjoyed and now missing it. That life of nothing but pure laziness and not forgetting my best friend of 7 months named FatBum. Precisely, it was 5 months. With all the shifting and preparation for my brother's wedding. My utmost biggest regret is probably not going on a holiday. It kills and saddens my heart whenever I think of it. I... wasted my 7 months doing nothing and also not going on a holiday when I could before classes comes kicking in, in Degree? I blame no one but my Mom. She killed all my plans.

First day of classes were pretty horrifying itself. I don't know what's with the lecturers I encountered, they totally scare me off with every word coming out from their mouth. Not forgetting, the goosebumps I had while walking to class lol. I picture a big big headache coming. Everything sounds easy but yet deep down yknow how difficult everything is.


I see I see. It is now time for bed. Gotta be up by 6am.

God, hand me a gun already.