01 January 2013

Recap of 2012. X

Nuuuuuuuuuh I can't be missing out my yearly recaps!

First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to all of you! Hope nothing but the best happens to us and let this be a prosperous year ahead :')

2012; It was indeed a fruitful year for me. I've gained but also lost at the same time. Guess God is always fair. Honestly, I could barely recap what had happened except a few events. There wasn't really anything "memorable" I guess..

I've graduated with an achievement I've never thought I could obtain. It may not be a very amazing results to many but it was one of my proudest moment. Maybe because I always thought I was the kind of kid who could never do well. Not even "okay" lol.

And do yknow it only takes one issue t spoil the entire happiness of the year? Well yes. On the 30th dawn, it was my 2nd horrendous encounter. It was so bad, everytime I have to tell the story, I would burst out to a million tears. It's a terrified disappointment that should never come from the least expected person. How should I go about? I can't even put my feelings into words. It brings back similar memories of an unfortunate event happened in 2006. I doubt I could ever speak to you again. Not because I dowan to but I just couldn't.

Thank you everyone of you who came to my life whether or not you've hated me or loved me lollllllllll, I still thank you for being a part in my 2012.



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Michelle Ooi said...

omg, ur lips are to die for!