11 January 2013

C o n c r e t e Angel

Good day people. :0)

Ahhhhhh, must be the good weather thus a good mood. Its just one of those days where you wake up smiling and feeling great. But days like this only happen say 10 times? Out of a 365 days wtf. I'm feeling all these positive vibes in me. Even when I had to paint my own nails, it was done within an hour! Just.have.to.love.it.

I'm trying to pick up reading again. After the unwanted incident that happened to The Secret... I have a love-hate relationship with that book. It was so motivating during the first few reads and when I reached the middle of the book, it became so repetitive. Thus, boring lol. I do plan to finish that book thou! So pricey for that book zz. However, during my recent visit to Borders which was unplanned, I picked up 50 Shades of Grey.

*cough* I don't exactly know what the book was about thou I did asked Mr. Google. I refused to read the synopsis. But the book seems rather promising because I've seen a few friends discussed about it. Now... it's on pause too. Because its story-based hence it could be finish real quick. I just didn't know how to explain when my mum saw me reading. With a rather proud tone she asked, "Wow, you're reading again. What book is that?" "Err...... romance,"

I totally censored the word in front of romance myself. Erotic. Now I'm pretty darn confused with what I'm reading and so skeptical if I should finish the book? It's not a bad read but its sucha shy book ('._____.')

Now counting down to 2 days before adulthood. Excited??



Loves, V.

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