29 January 2013

My name is Vivian. I am twenty-one

That is what I'm gonna say starts 13th Jan. I haven't really adjust with myself being 21? Not that it matters but I still say I'm 20 most of the time.. and then some smartypants would correct me, "AHEM, YOU'RE 21 ALREADY PLS." Yah okay okay lol. Harro, number only ok?

My own age does not bother me honestly. I've accepted being old since I was 18. Before you get into angry frustrated bitch mode, please just let me explain myself for the X time. I had always looked alot older than my actual age hence I am fed up of getting annoyed with people saying I look "mature" (sorry, its just a nicer word of saying old to me) and on top of that, I live a life of a 30s. No not kidding.

I'm such a boring person to an extent, I started questioning myself.. "What is fun?" I can't even define that word anymore. I don't know if its the people that I hang out with or I am just generally a boring being. I don't think hangovers are fun. Drinking is probably one of the most happening activity (entertainment wise) but how is it fun? The smell of alcohol now disgusts me max lolololol. I don't go to rave, albeit I really do want to experience just one just for the sake of cancelling something off the list. I don't club. My last was probably back in May 2010. How do people now define fun without the involvement of loud music, alcohol, drugs and hot girls??

& my life remains liddis until.. God knows when.

God is pretty darn good to me for always putting kind little angels around me. 0:) heeeeeheeeeeeeeee.

No fancy celebrations. I just wanted something simple. So it was dinner with whoever that could make it and not-so-chilling night at my house.

2 free cakes on the house. Dinner was at Three Little Pigs & A Big Bad Wolf! @ Bangsar Village I. The food was just slightly above average I'd say? Worth the try thou.


Mai love that needs no introduction whom I could not be anymore thankful for. Someone who is as unartistic as I am decided to write me a little note. Oh god, I teared like crazy when I read it. All the small little detail, ahhhh I love the note more than the present honestly. It was so thoughtful and sweet. Can't love her more!

Us with Linyng darling.

Daymnn, looked like a siaozhaboh out of bed. BzzBee whom I've known since 13. Pretty long run huh. Often gets on my nerves but forgets the very next minute hahahaha.

Since Sri KL days! x

& then we went back home for the not-so-chilling night where everyone especially Love went abit out of control, started creating stupid rules which I'd already took my revenge on during her 21st the other day hahahaha. All the photos taken were before I KO-ed, also before my biological brother (I doubted for a minute when he made me down that nasty drink) came to join us. I had super unglam photos of me puking, sitting on the floor, lying on the grass wtf wtf wtf but it's all being taken care of. The photo will not be seen anymore >:)

Group pix of the Ladies that night. xx

My annoying little monkey asian girl. How I love giving her stupid names and she still loves me.

A reply to your post: Yes I do enjoy teasing you. I secretly thinks when God decided to make me meet you, you iz destined to stick with me. I sometimes don't understand why you can tolerate all my shits and then we would laugh at how stupid it is together lolololol. Did yknow I especially love you when you are drunk? :P

Why hello there, Ray.

& then I made an inside joke lololololol but not many knows thou hahahahahaha.

This is Gary kor kor.

This is Darren kor kor.



& there my night ended!

Seriously couldn't thank you all enough for the effort made. I am sorry if it had caused anyone any troubles. Yknow I never wanted anything liddis to happen (well at least not on my birthday la wtf) and that I only wanted everyone to be happy lolol. I hope you guys did enjoyed yourself. Thank you for the gifts! Thank you BzzBee for the pichax! xo

& to those who actually gave a damn about my birthday, thank you for your wishes, texts and calls. Though if compared to last year, I had more last year T_____T but its okay you are still the best xx

I am 17 days late lololol.

Happy birthday Vivian. You're a big girl now.

11 January 2013

C o n c r e t e Angel

Good day people. :0)

Ahhhhhh, must be the good weather thus a good mood. Its just one of those days where you wake up smiling and feeling great. But days like this only happen say 10 times? Out of a 365 days wtf. I'm feeling all these positive vibes in me. Even when I had to paint my own nails, it was done within an hour! Just.have.to.love.it.

I'm trying to pick up reading again. After the unwanted incident that happened to The Secret... I have a love-hate relationship with that book. It was so motivating during the first few reads and when I reached the middle of the book, it became so repetitive. Thus, boring lol. I do plan to finish that book thou! So pricey for that book zz. However, during my recent visit to Borders which was unplanned, I picked up 50 Shades of Grey.

*cough* I don't exactly know what the book was about thou I did asked Mr. Google. I refused to read the synopsis. But the book seems rather promising because I've seen a few friends discussed about it. Now... it's on pause too. Because its story-based hence it could be finish real quick. I just didn't know how to explain when my mum saw me reading. With a rather proud tone she asked, "Wow, you're reading again. What book is that?" "Err...... romance,"

I totally censored the word in front of romance myself. Erotic. Now I'm pretty darn confused with what I'm reading and so skeptical if I should finish the book? It's not a bad read but its sucha shy book ('._____.')

Now counting down to 2 days before adulthood. Excited??



Loves, V.

01 January 2013

Recap of 2012. X

Nuuuuuuuuuh I can't be missing out my yearly recaps!

First and foremost, a very Happy New Year to all of you! Hope nothing but the best happens to us and let this be a prosperous year ahead :')

2012; It was indeed a fruitful year for me. I've gained but also lost at the same time. Guess God is always fair. Honestly, I could barely recap what had happened except a few events. There wasn't really anything "memorable" I guess..

I've graduated with an achievement I've never thought I could obtain. It may not be a very amazing results to many but it was one of my proudest moment. Maybe because I always thought I was the kind of kid who could never do well. Not even "okay" lol.

And do yknow it only takes one issue t spoil the entire happiness of the year? Well yes. On the 30th dawn, it was my 2nd horrendous encounter. It was so bad, everytime I have to tell the story, I would burst out to a million tears. It's a terrified disappointment that should never come from the least expected person. How should I go about? I can't even put my feelings into words. It brings back similar memories of an unfortunate event happened in 2006. I doubt I could ever speak to you again. Not because I dowan to but I just couldn't.

Thank you everyone of you who came to my life whether or not you've hated me or loved me lollllllllll, I still thank you for being a part in my 2012.