19 December 2012

Random: 191212

Nohhhhhhhhhhhh it's already the mid of December, two more days to dooms-day, 6 more days to Christmas, 12 more days to NYE and 29 more days to my 21st 8D.

I lost track of time. Time literally have legs and I can't catch up with its pace at all. My dates and days are all messed up, could only determine if its the weekend judging by my parents being home and the brothers coming back in the wee hours. I've been good and December haz been thus good so far. Except that the expenses this month and next month would increase in at least 50% with all these festive seasons, birthdays and.. my extra long legs.

But that's because there's a new place in town! I was there 5 days out of 7 last week. Great place and of course great companion hahaha! Vault @ Glomac D'sara. It's opened from 1030am to 1am. Sadly, I only have 3 pictures with me lol. Really like the environment there! They have a Facebook account as well! Click here.


Christmas deco in Vault.

Assorted wines for order. If you're a wine person, there are many choice there for you. :)

& this................... is a only picture I took with Love at Vault lol. I think I look like a Golf player with the cap on wtf and my head looks crazy round. Caps just hates me.

On a side note, I have a family dinner to attend this Thursday! We're gonna play Secret Santa which would also be my first time attending christmas dinners lololol! So excited and will spam pictures soon. I really do miss writing! Especially when I have nothing to do at home.

Take care for now. The weather's been an ass.


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