17 November 2012

I've had enough of you

This is exactly how I feel every now and then when your name is mentioned.

I don't exactly know what has gotten into me and I strongly believe I'll forget about this incident awhile later. But something just hits me in the head, enough is enough. I wish I could use better words on you because you are someone I dearly care but you've been hitting my boiling points. After years of being there for you, to care for you, to try to change you to a better, this is the result? Just look at yourself. Besides changing physically, what else? I'm truly disappointed.

You're not young anymore. You're not 13 ok? You have to be responsible for your doings! You are stepping into adulthood soon did you realized? Or you're still living in denial?? How long more do you want to live a life like that? I wish I could just slap you in your face so hard even if my hands are gonna hurt because you have a super thick face, like always. And I would bother to do that its because I'VE JUST HAD ENOUGH OF YOU. You have no idea how badly I wish I could curse whenever someone mentions about you.

You could always say, "Who are you to judge me?" which is very true. Who am I to tell you what to do right? Who the fuck am I to care and bother for you?

Hence why I hereby, vow to never have a word for you anymore. Well unless necessary or socially. I'm veryyyyyyyyy good at this. Everything that is in relation to you is none of my business.

Goodbye, someone once so dearly to me.


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