10 November 2012

If you're an exercise, I'd do you





Super corny (and dirty title depending on how mentally dirty are you hahaha) to start off with. It was just one of those random nights when I asked everyone else out on a weekend night for a good badminton session! If yre a friend yknow how heavy my bum is. I hate exercising, any form be it walking wtf and I don't deny how unhealthy I am esp when I don't even bother eating any vegetables (except maybe one or two lol). So it was quite an achievement I'd say!!

The morning after the badminton night, I went hill climbing. Ikr what was I thinking?????? Plus the night after badminton I got home at 2 or 3am and had to wake up at 7am. It was sucha spontaneous 'yes'. Though I did regret after I got home but it was too late. Thought to myself "fuck this shit!", I'm sure I can do it! And I probably said that because Bukit Cahaya looks so small when I visited it during my school trip, back then I was only 10.

Step foot at that place 10 years later. We didn't tour around with a bike because by the time we reach the bikes were already all rented out. We had to walk and a friend suggested to go for Sapu Tangan/Handkerchief Hill. "Can see the whole Shah Alam view!!" he said excitedly. "SHAH ALAM VIEW????????????? There's nothing to see wtf!" I answered. I regretted so bad not even kidding!!!!!!!!!! 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

1) It was a bad decision to go with a bunch of guys. Their like avid sports people and me, who barely even walks decided to climb a fucking hill? Who was I kidding man wtf. 2) The hill basically looks like this / and when yre coming down its like this \. Before we started, I told the guys to must remember to wait for me but not even half way through the hill, I didn't even want anyone to wait for me anymore lololol! I was sucha burden and I felt so sorry when one of my friend waited sigh. On our way down, I was literally cursing through it!! I expected the view to be magnificent which I don't know why would I expect something like this when I already knew before hand that there is nothing to see wtf. Maybe I had to give myself some false hope (︶︹︺)

Sucha mixed feeling. It was a bad experience but also it wasn't that bad. Idk how to put it into words. I hated the whole journey but also was glad that I did it because then I know I'll never step foot in that horrible place again hahahahahahaa. Even if I'm paid to do so also must consider ok!!!

On a side note, I've been meaning to write again but the blogging mojo only comes in the middle of the night like now at 330am wtf. Couldn't bare to shut down the blog because it's been 4 years (╥_╥) And I'd lost ALL my readers I had back then. College killed my blog analytics lol. But I sorta figured that the readers I had back then was probably people from my highschool? ANYWAYYYYYY, show me some love! I need to practice writing again before Uni starts next March.

Yours sincerely,
Vivi (´ε` )

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