26 November 2012

Heart of Stone x

Yet another day of pure boredness. I can't seem to justfiy my own doings sometimes. Clearly remembered how I felt so two years back. "I'm like on my mid-life crisis plz," I told my bff.

Raping the repeat button, having Iko x Heart of Stone playing which is a beautiful ost soundtrack from Breaking Dawn pt.2. Its hands down the best Twilights' ever. Always remembered how the rest were shits before, maybe because I'm not a fairytale fan. Fairytale is sweet but undeniably stupid as well. But Breaking Dawn pt.2 would be sufficient to make you forget how shitty the rests of the Twilights' were. #justmytwocentpls

How realistic this world can be, what an awe. Boy oh, what's your plan? I startled. One of the most beautiful thing you'd ever seen, so close to perfect but so near yet so far. In the years to come, I'll remain. Do ones fight for? What would be the reason to fight for? Held back, refrain. Things might change and would never be the same again. To bare the consequences & pain all alone. Disbelief.


When you're here with me
You're not here with me

Can I pry your finger
From every thing I
Say and Do
And I just can't forget you
And your heart of stone


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