20 October 2012

Diploma x Graduation 2012'

Since I did not had a mortar board to wear (just yet), *throws confetti* will do! You've no idea how jelly all of us were during photography when we were all placed together with the Degree grads. Soon baby, soon!

One of the worst mornings I had from the never ending insomnia. Of waking up late, being extremely nervous of falling, kodak moments with the bunch, surprised grad flowers from the beloveds, awesome dirty lunch talk just like ol' times, shopping with my little girl, cray cray Wii moments and hoping to K.O on bed however, insomnia knocked.

One of my "moments" with a bad left profile.


You, my love who was never a morning person came to my convo just like how a dad would. It was indeed very complete to be able to let all my big loves to witness! Love you big times. X

My friendly giant other half. Funny how they used to call us twins. Thank you for your patience and tolerance with me. Your nightmare begun on 23rd March 2010 and counting. My PA, my punching/pinching bag, my bodyguard! X

Klang swaggerz yo'

My extended family in college. MAJOR BIG LOVE. ♥♥♥

I'd say his the luckiest guy ever who got his collegemates to surprise him on his birthday despite knowing for less than two weeks. He was that quiet guy who randomly gets abit crazy but yet serious. If I have to describe him, its pretty difficult but he made his fame with just one word. "SPICY!!!!!!!" I promise to never throw rubbish out of your window anymore. SWEAR.

Part of the DMC family!





My absolute diva lecturer that had been extremely helpful through my Diploma days. He put up with all our nonsense and yet always will be there! So glad and thankful!


Another beloved lecturer of mine. One of my very first lecturer! Remember how I hated so so badly to attend her classes becos she was very scary and I don't understand nuts. Half of the time I spaced out in Mass Comm class hahahaha but glad I survived through! She's always the backbone/mum of all of us whom she calls KIDS. Never failed to be there! ;)

MY DARLING T_______T that I owe too much to. Big helper to my mum as well becos sometimes she parts time to become my mum at peak jam hours. My other Capricorn half! We're very similar in a way that I do not know how to describe. Its that kind of mutual understanding where we don't need much words. I'm still waiting for the day where I could kiss and lick her face hehehe. 宝贝,来嘛~ 来亲一个嘛!!

Brada from another marder. Bimbo brother that is.


My little girl sometimes my pet poodle. Occasionally behave like a crazy emotional monkey but yet is my little annoying sister that loves me very much. She owe me too much but we give and take. She puts me through so much of rollercoaster emotion ride which sometimes I don't understand why am I involve but occasionally I give her one helluva annoyed headache ;)

This is my beautiful grad flowers.

This is my Diploma graduation.

And this is the end of the post.

Everyone who contributed to make my college life a success, I sincerely whole heartedly could not thank you enough. Whether I'd hated, cursed, drive you nuts, love/loved you or not, you were still part of a great memory. Thank you! xx

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