05 September 2012


I have been gone to a far far away place.. A place so petrifying that it haunts my sleep every night. I was only fed with bread crumbs and water everyday. It just gives me chills whenever I think of it. The people there were horrendous. We were treated like slaves, a labourer. Each time anyone attempts to run, she will end up dead........

No I was just kidding wtf. I was still around lololololol.

I was on my 3 months Industrial Training Programme aka Internship wtf, was really caught up with work hence there were no updates at all. I did attempt to write a few posts but fell asleep half way typing through it wtf. I don't know who are you people who bothered to click in but thank you for giving a damn about this blog. My earnings were still ongoing teehee :)

Oh oh oh oh, I had completed and received my results! I hereby thank everyone that made this happened! I'm so glad that all the hard works were paid off! All the troubles that I had caused to my family for fetching me up&down, my colleagues who helped me through almost everything (they were really the nicest people around! i'm not a very bright person yknow...) & my lecturer for all that he had taught me, I managed to apply it on work. It was a indeed a bittersweet 3 months but never knew how time flies, I'm now a grad. Well obviously no big deal because its just Diploma wtf.

Now a little pictures shall we?

First photo in office, when everyone else was in a meeting. Sneakily took this shot lololol.

Upon greeted during 2nd week. Shueyli & I dropped jaws. I literally looked at her and gave her the are-you-fucking-kidding-me-dude. There were like 33 newspapers inclusive of Sat, Sun and Mon papers. Almost killed me but little did we know, my supervisor read this whole pile all alone when there weren't anyone of us around WTF WTF.

I've quite a few work photos but didn't upload em and don't think I should because half of the photo I look like a dumpling = bloated wtf. So let's skip to the last day of work! The moment we all interns have long anticipated for. Now don't get me wrong, we all loved each and everyone there because they were reaaaaaaaally nice peoples and fun to work with. We just really wanted to leave for a long holiday! It's been a dreadful 8 months since Jan due to a hectic sem. :/ When I say hectic, I meant VERYMUTHAHECTIC.

Given by my supervisor, Callyster! Each of us intern received one. Omfg it was superb sweet :') The whole night I was so afraid I would tear but gotta suck it up and behave like a grown up lololol.

For all the work that's done, just a simple 'Thank You' would warmth up the heart and lift a smile on someone's face. In my case, it was more than a :) but a :DDDDDDD

Almost complete shot with missing few. Scrumptious farewell dinner for all of us :)

Ok, short update but I've a lot more coming >:)

Stay tuned, pinky promise?


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