30 May 2012

For a "change"

To change for a better is a good cause but to change itself is pretty challenging or I'd say, some people are just too stubborn for a change.

Pretty sure often there are times where us, beings knows what's best for us but yet we just decided to go against it and do what we think is "right". Isn't it a human thing? By doing so, how many disappointments have you let down? How many people have you upset? Just doing what your heart tells you to.

Now I never believe in how that saying goes. My heart is obviously the irrational party so why should I do what my heart tells me to? Why would I want to follow my heart instead of my brain? The brain comes a lot more handy than just the heart isn't it. The brain is made to function for beings to think; whether wisely or not. The heart does not do the thinking bro. Not sure how many of you would agree but to do something that your heart feels is right, could completely tell you're a person living in denial. Nope, there's no wrong living in denial if you wish to.

Question is, how long can you live in denial? For a lifetime? Or until your heart decided to just stop thinking? What concerns me most is not how people make their decisions. My only concern is the people that would be affected when a decision is not wisely made. I don't want to sound all holy saint like as if I haven't made a single mistake in my life. I do, we do, all human does. You don't know how much of an impact it would bring to people who cares and love you until you upset them. Disappointments are one of the worst feelings.

How do you feel when someone who loves you tells you right to the face that she/he is disappointed? You sure you could bare it? Are you very sure things would not change? "I am disappointed" is a rather strong sentence I'd say. I am pretty damn sure I would instantly break down within seconds if someone I really love and care for slaps it right to my face.

Just my two cents. Shut up if you have to.

V signing off.

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