14 April 2012


7 assignments, 2 tests, 1 presentation?

At the mean time, no updates until my deadlines officially ends.


08 April 2012

NOTD: Essie Made to Honor


This was when it was first painted, took on the same night. I'm glad I received overwhelming compliments when I had this on! It was a very me nail color; nudish pink. Colors like that makes my fingers fairer and cleaner. Definitely my new go-to color!



This is how it looks like after a week. Obvious stains at my finger tips which I do not know how did that happen! I tried buffing them away but it didn't work. As you can see, the color is pretty much still there and it did not chip one bit. As per usual, two coats of Seche Vite top coat on.


At room lighting without flash. Very simlar to my skin tone hence why I said it makes me look like I have clean fingers!


Two thumbs up!


07 April 2012


I am a easily satisfied customer. That's provided if my parcel reach me at the promised time. Well, if it doesn't just simply answer my damn questions and you're forgiven.

But no, you just have to screw up my impression towards you Skynet.

Now you see where I'm coming from. I had a parcel which was subject to reach to me on 30/3 Friday. However after hours of waiting, I had see no signs of my parcel. So under track&trace this was what I got.

photo (1)

Okay so what now? After 3 attempts it failed? Ok fine. I called up the Skynet HQ however it was passed their working hour and they do not work on weekends, I couldn't contact them but to send them an email/feedback. Naively hoping to receive their reply the next morning but again I was down with disappointment.

Waking up with hopes (god knows why!), I waited patiently at home, sitting down at my living room for hours waiting again. I am very much bothered for the fact that my parcel did not reach me on time. I was pumped with hopes again when I track&trace my parcel, and its status was "Out for delivery" woooohooo!


Buthen it was all fucked up again when they updated. This is when I could not tolerate any longer. I was so bloody annoyed when they updated with the most ridiculous comments. "CONSIGNEE NOT AT HOME/OFFICE. DELIVERY WILL BE RE-ATTEMPTED" SUCK MY NON EXISTING BALLS SKYNET. I was home all the time just waiting for my god damn parcel and yet you can't deliver to me on time. What's worse when you write false comments about me not being home. THAT'S SO NOT TRUE. I intentionally skipped meeting up with friends just for the sake of my parcel and yet this is what shitty comments you say about me not being home? Fuck you big time.

Obviously I couldn't just sit and stoned, refreshing my track&trace every damn minute so I wrote another email. I did what I did best in emails, to complain. At this point, I was turning HULK. I kid you not. I was very nice in my email obviously nothing like what I am writing now wtf. So I got fed up of waiting and thankfully, I had things to keep me busy so I forgot about my parcel. Following day which was a Sunday, alright being considerate no one works on Sunday especially courier services.

However, I recalled back my experience with Poslaju. They may not be the best but when my parcel did not reached me on time say Saturday. Poslaju made it to a point to deliver my parcel to me on a Sunday morning. TELL ME HOW TO NOT FEEL THANKFUL!!!! It was not urgent but whether it is urgent or not courier service company is obligated to do so. I buy your excuse if you say human makes mistakes but for so many days? How old do you think I am?

ANYWAY, I thought of million possible excuses why they could not deliver my parcel to me on time. They probably missed my house doorbell hence the shitty comment. So I went down to check and my mum even rang the doorbell to double check wtf. Hmm, maybe they couldn't find my house. Yup and this is when my phone number on the muthafucking parcel comes handy isn't it? If you can't find you just blindly roam around the area? You stupid or what?

So on Monday, I receive a forwarded email from SkynetHQ. I felt so super blessed and thankful. Okay so I thought all these courier service companies they just created the customer service feedback page just for the sake of creating and not because they really mean and want to do something for a better.


In case you do not know, SMD stands for Sri Muda so they were forwarding the email to Skynet the Sri Muda branch. Following an hour or so, I received a call from anonymous random number. A lady called from Skynet. The first word that came outta my mouth when she say she was from Skynet was, "FINALLY YOU GUYS CALLED." I felt utterly rude when in the short 1 minute conversation, she was being really sweet and nice. But I should be forgiven, shouldn't I? I did not brought up the track&trace matter as I was having class (I ran out to pick up the call) so I just let it go. Before hanging up, I made sure to ask what time would my parcel arrive so I could call home to inform my maid. She clearly said,"Around 3 something?" I answered, "Okay. 3 something it is. Thank you."

Happily told Linyng and the rest about my happiness that my parcel would receive when I get home. The minute I got home, the parcel was not here yet. I NOT ONLY TURNED HULK BUT I WANNA FREAKING THOR THE LIVING SHIT OUTTA SKYNET MOTHER OF ALL MOTHER. (No pun inteded)

I called up their HQ quickly before their closing hour and man operator gave me SMD branch's number. After 31 attempts, I finally got it through.


So this unprofessional lady operator picked up and followed up with my problem. I told her I was very unhappy that my parcel which was supposed to reach me on Friday is not here yet. It was already Monday. How long more do I need to wait? I am supposed to receive the parcel latest a day after posting out dafuq.

She who was dealing with my problem was at the same time laughing and giggling away with her colleague I supposed? I, who was on the line waiting was pissed. I was pissed at how unprofessional she is, I was pissed that she kept me waiting for more than 2 minutes while listening to her giggling away, I WAS MUTHAFUCKING PISSED AT THE WHOLE SKYNET MANAGEMENT. Swear I had the sudden urge to just go to Skynet HQ and just write my complain down or just rant it at someone who can possibly fire that lady. Swear I was that pissed I do not even give a damn if she loses her job or not. Why does it matter me anyway pfft.

So after 2 minutes of awkward silence and listening to her giggling away, she told me she'll call the deliver dudes and she told me to wait awhile. Okay so I waited pissed-fully but quietly. Over the phone I heard her conversation obviously. "Hello xxxx, tu (she read my hse address out) parcel dah send belum?" "Huh? Tak sempat?" "Ok la."

She got back to me and told me. I OBVIOUSLY WASN'T DEAF ENUFF TO NOT HEAR IT DAFUQ. I WAS EVEN MORE PISSED IF HULK COULD TURN FURY RED OR SMTG OMG I WAS SO PISSED TO AN EXTENT WORDS COULDN'T JUST DESCRIBE MY LEVEL OF ANGER. So I told her, "My parcel is really important if I don't get my parcel, I can't start work. You have to send it to me by evening."She replied me, Okay miss, I call tgk backup driver boleh send tak," I answered her,"Kalau tak boleh pun kene boleh, parcel urgent la kak."

Sri Muda is only 10 to 15 minutes away from my house area. In fact, its just neighbours. With the speed of all motorcyclists, I am pretty sure they could send it to me before 6pm. I wasn't being unreasonable. So I waited again and as expected it did not came to me. And when my itchy hands track&trace it, guess what?

photo (2)


Now this is when I got a clearer picture of EVERYTHING that was happening. Which means from 30/3 to 2/3 they had never even sent out my parcel before and updated the track&trace ridiculously. So they only updated it just for the sake of updating? Seriously what kind of fucking service are you offering now?

I received my parcel on the 3/3. No, no excitedness to open my parcel at all. I was just thankful and glad they sent it to me on time.

I did not dealt with the seller who sent my parcel out because obviously after they sent out the parcel, it has nothing to do with them anymore. It was my first and last time using Skynet. I swear. Even if I had to pay extra bucks for any other service, I am willing to. To tolerate these kind of shitty services that Skynet is offering me, ITS PURE BULLSHIT.

I am guessing only the Skynet branch at Sri Muda offers these kind of shitty and unprofessional service. As I googled up, I was surprised to see many many complains regarding Skynet. I stumbled upon one that mention about the same branch with the same problem I was facing. What's worse when you FB find their page, you will be amaze to see that one of them who bought a laptop from Dell, had his parcel switched with a stone. You the bomb man Skynet.

So whoever you are who, it is advisable to not use Skynet. If so, be prepared to face all sorts of rubbish consequences.

Thank you for your shitty service Skynet.