30 March 2012

Essie: Shine of the Times x Brooch the Subject

Yet another NOTD post! Finally received my overdue goods from Nail Fiesta. Initially only had plans to stock up on the Seche Restore, the nail polish thinner because I was running out on it, Essie Luxeffects's Shine of the Times and also feeling very much insecure when my Seche Vite Top Coat already passed half the bottle *gulps*

Ended up only getting the Seche Restore, Shine of the Times and another two new colors from Essie; Brooch the Subject & Made to Honor. *faints*

Completely disagree if you think I'm a nail polish fanatic/addict. Although my nail polish collections has been tremendously increasing and is taking up half the space in my vanity drawer but really, my colors are so limited!

I ended up getting two pastel/nude colors. So not fit for spring. I am a little skeptical about bright and fun colors I guess.

But these are just so so so pretty. I had been eye-ing on Brooch the Subject for a really long time because Make-up Blogette reviewed it.

Same goes to this. This was definitely not an impulsive buying. I really wanted this because there were beauty bloggers doing a comparison to the Inglot 202 nail flakies. They looked amazingly beautiful. These holographic flakes really out stood! Clean.

I'm not quite sure if its still in stock but you should definitely check Nail Fiesta out ;)

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If you were wondering, my lips were actually swell in all the photos HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Loves, V.

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