12 March 2012


Recent favo go to song.


It's been a long run. A real long run.

So long, I could barely even catch my breathe anymore. I want, I insist and I am determined to get away from all these devastating moments.

For all the promises that I've made, none had came true. I'm a truly a promise-breaker.

Don't you just wish you could just leave? Leave because you're afraid of reality and truth. Leave because you do not have to deal and face with problems. It takes up a whole big courage.

I'm sorry, I was never that considerate girl. Reality, how can you be so cruel?

What can I do to remove and ease the pain?

What can I do to revive the happy me I once was?

What can I do to just possibly make you happy again?

The last thing I would wanna do is to see you shed tears for me.


Happy White Valentine's Day all.

V x – - – ❥

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caro said...

take it easy, give urself a long break, you will get recover soon... 休息只是为了走更长远的路 :)