26 March 2012

B l i s s ♥ // Shawn & Christine's Wedding

"When you make a sacrifice in marriage, you're sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship," -- Joseph Campbell

Truly a blessing.

It is still difficult for me to believe that my dearest couzie is no longer a single lady. That girl who was once a cry baby (so I was told during CNY and I literally ROFL so hard hahaha!), that lady who build up her own career, that strong personality in her that amazes me & that woman who never fails to tell me the stupidest things.

She's married. *inserts AREYOUFUCKINGKIDDINGME.jpg*

I am still in disbelief and its been exactly a week!

Hi newlyweds.

The 6th most layan family member in the Lim family.

Photo credit to: Papaya

This was during the sorta Hen's night and after she completely remove her make up hence looking very dead.

Photo credit to: Papaya

2nd day; during tea ceremony when I was in line to Q up for my angpau! *smilesextremelywidely*

Just incase yre wondering whose this Papaya dude, his my couzie bro who couldn't stop calling me that funnehhh Hakka name that resembles frog since young. I got annoyed and named the brothers; Papaya and Banana. Habit. Period.


3rd day; dinner night @ Berjaya Hotel.

Coincidentally matching colors!

Lo & Behold', bombarded photos of Mummylove&I.

photo (1)




And lastly, ending this post with our faces.

photo (2)

"True love always happens in a flash."

Loves, V.

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