30 March 2012

Essie: Shine of the Times x Brooch the Subject

Yet another NOTD post! Finally received my overdue goods from Nail Fiesta. Initially only had plans to stock up on the Seche Restore, the nail polish thinner because I was running out on it, Essie Luxeffects's Shine of the Times and also feeling very much insecure when my Seche Vite Top Coat already passed half the bottle *gulps*

Ended up only getting the Seche Restore, Shine of the Times and another two new colors from Essie; Brooch the Subject & Made to Honor. *faints*

Completely disagree if you think I'm a nail polish fanatic/addict. Although my nail polish collections has been tremendously increasing and is taking up half the space in my vanity drawer but really, my colors are so limited!

I ended up getting two pastel/nude colors. So not fit for spring. I am a little skeptical about bright and fun colors I guess.

But these are just so so so pretty. I had been eye-ing on Brooch the Subject for a really long time because Make-up Blogette reviewed it.

Same goes to this. This was definitely not an impulsive buying. I really wanted this because there were beauty bloggers doing a comparison to the Inglot 202 nail flakies. They looked amazingly beautiful. These holographic flakes really out stood! Clean.

I'm not quite sure if its still in stock but you should definitely check Nail Fiesta out ;)

Strictly not affiliated!

If you were wondering, my lips were actually swell in all the photos HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Loves, V.

26 March 2012

B l i s s ♥ // Shawn & Christine's Wedding

"When you make a sacrifice in marriage, you're sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship," -- Joseph Campbell

Truly a blessing.

It is still difficult for me to believe that my dearest couzie is no longer a single lady. That girl who was once a cry baby (so I was told during CNY and I literally ROFL so hard hahaha!), that lady who build up her own career, that strong personality in her that amazes me & that woman who never fails to tell me the stupidest things.

She's married. *inserts AREYOUFUCKINGKIDDINGME.jpg*

I am still in disbelief and its been exactly a week!

Hi newlyweds.

The 6th most layan family member in the Lim family.

Photo credit to: Papaya

This was during the sorta Hen's night and after she completely remove her make up hence looking very dead.

Photo credit to: Papaya

2nd day; during tea ceremony when I was in line to Q up for my angpau! *smilesextremelywidely*

Just incase yre wondering whose this Papaya dude, his my couzie bro who couldn't stop calling me that funnehhh Hakka name that resembles frog since young. I got annoyed and named the brothers; Papaya and Banana. Habit. Period.


3rd day; dinner night @ Berjaya Hotel.

Coincidentally matching colors!

Lo & Behold', bombarded photos of Mummylove&I.

photo (1)




And lastly, ending this post with our faces.

photo (2)

"True love always happens in a flash."

Loves, V.

12 March 2012


Recent favo go to song.


It's been a long run. A real long run.

So long, I could barely even catch my breathe anymore. I want, I insist and I am determined to get away from all these devastating moments.

For all the promises that I've made, none had came true. I'm a truly a promise-breaker.

Don't you just wish you could just leave? Leave because you're afraid of reality and truth. Leave because you do not have to deal and face with problems. It takes up a whole big courage.

I'm sorry, I was never that considerate girl. Reality, how can you be so cruel?

What can I do to remove and ease the pain?

What can I do to revive the happy me I once was?

What can I do to just possibly make you happy again?

The last thing I would wanna do is to see you shed tears for me.


Happy White Valentine's Day all.

V x – - – ❥