12 February 2012

NOTD: Silver Glitter Tip Nails

Just another #foreveralone day to kept me motivated for a manicure. Been trying on few designs lately but I ruin it during the drying process FML. Got pissed, removed them and went for a nap.

But yesterday was exceptional!!! I was so motivated to skip my nap and get these babies done. So touched and happy with the result :)

Everything you ever need. Top coat - Seche Vite, Base coat - Poshe, Color base - Prorance, Glitter polish - Etude House Lucidarling



Basically, the main star of the nail is the top coat and not the glitter polish. I attempted to make it look gel nail like so I layered many many layers of top coats. I'd say probably 6 to 7? Depending on how my mood goes and I compare each of the thickness to try to make it identical.

Seche Vite is hands down the best top coat ever. Glossy, thick and fast drying! Best thing is even when you screw up your nail, the top coat would help to unscrew it hahahahha!

I had quite a bad job done if you look into detail. I had the top coats all over my cuticle and I cannot remove them until they decided to come off themselves.


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