05 February 2012

In a lost world

If words can just put my feelings into sentences now. Their scattered all over the place.

I hate growing up. I really hate having to think of what my future would be. Its blur and I can't predict nuts. I don't have a plan but I know I wanna go far.

Now, I am just like a lost kid. I saw this coming but had never expected it to come so fast. I finally had the time to sit down and have a good time alone to think what I want to do in the next few months. Orite, to come up with a plan is never easy. I never plan. Simply bcause I hate that miserable feeling if things doesn't go the way it was initially planned.

I supposed its called disappointment?

I don't want to put money to waste. Why oh why, why God. Why must you just make me think when you clearly know its my weakest.


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