11 January 2012

Qs left behind

I am gonna sound all emotional and depressed. BUT I'M CLEARLY NOT.

Ok I lied I may be.... just a lil but I'll be fine in no time. I am very sure of that!

If there is one thing that people never fails to ask me, it has to be this one million dollar stupid question.

That is not a question worth to be asked also!! I mean it had already came to a point where I gave up answering. I don't know how to answer this question clearly because I am not the Almighty God. I am so sick of being thrown the same question and the funny thing is.. THE SAME PERSON ALWAYS ASKS THE SAME QUESTION RAWRRRRRRRR!!

And my #foreveralone has gone to a whole new level. Totally skipped Level 99 to Level 100 when my friends are either changing boyfriends or just got into a new relationship. No I am not complaining just yet because I understand and I am putting myself into their shoe. They cannot be there for me 24/7 when I need them to be there anymore because I am not a selfish self-centered bitch.

But ish okehh. Short term sadness!


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