29 January 2012

DeQueen's 20teen

As promised! Althou its super overdue but it is always better late than never ;)

Anyway, I didn't had any place in mind to settle in for a nice good dinner. Neng suggested Secret of Louisiana @ Kelana Jaya. We all had heard him raved about how amazing the food is there. Skeptical but sorreh my brother here has drastic differences of taste with most people. But I googled and did my homework enuff to give the place a shot.

Not gonna make you hungry hence there is no food photos. But I guess most of us were pretty satisfied with our own dishes. I had Aglio Olio and oh my, it was the 2nd best Aglio Olio I had ever tasted. Winner goes to Bel of course. Quite a big portion with reasonable price.

Loved my present and friends. Their shuper amazing must give them some love first ♥ ♥

All photo credits to darling LLY! ♥

Check my big cheeky smile out.

Credits to Nenglove.


Don't remember why was I smiling this wide but I guess I was reaaally happy that night ;)

& we moved onto snapping photos after cake cutting!

Cutest couple; Seng & Bee.

Handsome Wing.



Mai wuv, Neng kor!




Best singer in town man! Shihee!

Peiyie Rocker

Favourite brother, Jam

Sui lui bao, Maycih


I have no idea how many shots we took and she was still not satisfied lol! My darling LLY :P


Group shot #1

Group shot #2

After dinner, second round was at The Hill.




Tada! My night ended only at 3 by the time I settled in for sleeps. Great night x o

I love each and everyone of you that made it happened! Sayang you mossssstttt!


28 January 2012

I am not dead

"I will not have an achievement and be successful if I don't have balls,"

Why hello there you little creature.

Because I have been missing out too much, would like to wish you a Happy New Year & Merry Chinese New Year to all of you who are celebrating it! Definitely one of my most anticipated festive throughout the entire year. Love the food, the atmosphere, the people, the laughter, the joy, and definitely the money. #trolling

I've too many posts pending. I have a birthday celebration post and some random photo posts which has yet to be written. My bum weighs at least a 100kg. I cannot be bothered to sit still for a write up. Promise a birthday post coming soon!

On a sidenote, college has been a pain in the ass.

I, who loves you all.

11 January 2012

Qs left behind

I am gonna sound all emotional and depressed. BUT I'M CLEARLY NOT.

Ok I lied I may be.... just a lil but I'll be fine in no time. I am very sure of that!

If there is one thing that people never fails to ask me, it has to be this one million dollar stupid question.

That is not a question worth to be asked also!! I mean it had already came to a point where I gave up answering. I don't know how to answer this question clearly because I am not the Almighty God. I am so sick of being thrown the same question and the funny thing is.. THE SAME PERSON ALWAYS ASKS THE SAME QUESTION RAWRRRRRRRR!!

And my #foreveralone has gone to a whole new level. Totally skipped Level 99 to Level 100 when my friends are either changing boyfriends or just got into a new relationship. No I am not complaining just yet because I understand and I am putting myself into their shoe. They cannot be there for me 24/7 when I need them to be there anymore because I am not a selfish self-centered bitch.

But ish okehh. Short term sadness!