07 December 2011

Yellow Bruuuuu

The fact that my paper only starts at 5pm ltr makes me laze around like mad. What more its a writing paper? The fact that I was only supposed to wake up at 1030am to ensure I have sufficient amount of sleep is totally blew. Plumber dude came to fix the water pump ( ̄□ ̄;)So here I am waiting to use the toilet so I can leave house in no time. I haz not studied!! RAAWWWRRR!

Anyway I've no updates but haz a number of random photos to share. If you haven't seen it already :D

One of the many nights. Just discovered a better drink!

EOTD: Only mascaras and brown eyeliner for upper waterline. I was impressed!

Uncle Quek's son Bachelor's night. One of his many collections. The bottle is a true beauty.

Had one of these during my bad mood days.

NOTD: LuciDarling. No codes written so I've no idea what is this.. :(

Furballz in action.

Didn't got around to share this. This was part of my assignment for my ex high school.


Thankiu @sillyboyneng. It's cleared by 5th day I think... LOL

Ok gotta run. Plumber man's gone. Random I know but baai!

Loves, V.

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