25 December 2011

Merry Christmas & An Unexpected Event

*secretly changed the date*

Now that's because my connection has been nothing but absolutely retarded. It took me exactly 1 hour half to upload only 20 photos to Flickr tell me bout' it man. Now that I've finally got it all done I shall feast your eyes with more images and less words!

So before I yap away, I would like to wish all of @ohmyvivian readers, a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. :) I know I'm late but I sincerely do wish that you enjoyed and had fun!

When Mumzy told all of us that we had to attend my cousin's bachelor night back at banting, I was so upset! I really wanna spend my Christmas back in Subang with my friends :( But thank god later on that day found out my bros would be coming back around 9-ish to 10pm. So happy overjoyed! Uh huh uh huh, good to see all my maternal side family members again. :)

I wished my smile was a lot more natural. I prefer smiling with my mouth close but... braces y u make my lips so awkward :(

Guess my brothers are secretly baby lovers except me? I get soooo paranoid when babies cry!

He will so kill me if he knows this is posted :P

Baby niece sooooo adorable. She just quietly sat there the whole time.

No idea what fat bro is tryna do wtf.


He found his comfort zone. Manboobs.

Super adorable!

& thennnnnnnn, hoped onto the car asap and we left home. Met up with Jonjon, Linyng, Pwuon and Jem at Subang OT. Nothing very happening except it was full house but the crowd was very... meh :/ Bro tagged along as well becos we were supposed to go for 3rd round to celebrate FatBro's birthday at Movida, Puchong but it was again.. full house. So he left after the countdown to meet up with his friends at Station One Sunway then Pwuon and I came after the rest of them left.

Annoying Orange Jem did it!



My love.



Linyng love!


We are secetly the Yin&Yang siblings wtf. Hi cheeks, I am not complaining anymore.



Jem teach me wan :(


Jiang jiang! Boss Simon came over to pass us unexpected presents T.T


The gift! Super mini and cute book; full of motivational quotes and their pretty inspiring :) Thank you!

Tadaaaaaaaa! That totally sums up my draggy Christmas post.

On a sidenote, an unfortunate incident occured.

Yeah man. Good job hit&run dude! Totally admired your driving skills. Karma will woop your ass.

Love, V.

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