17 December 2011

Lazier than ever

Now that's becos I'm allowed to! It's been a hectic semester as per usual hence why I am allowed to sleep at wee hours and only drag my sorry ass up at noon. Ahhh bliss I know. Sem break had just started for a week.

No doubt, I do occasionally miss being around in college with friends around but honestly, that's the last place I would want to step in at now. 15 is a horrendous place to find parking! Me being me, with infamous parking luck had to go rounds and rounds just for a lot and well even if I am lucky enuff to find one, it is usually far away from my destination >:(

I've been good, been home. Mumsy & Paps had been gone for a 1 week vacation at Myanmar and would be coming back tonight. *throws confetti*

Oh yes, my dear readers. Whoever you are, you guys are truly amazing. Idk how the hell do I even still get readers when I do not even update anymore. Its not the numbers that counts, its you who still give a fuck to actually load this site that counts :') haters or lovers, thank you.

On the other hand, if you wish to get a tinsy update about my daily life. Follow @ohmyvivian on twitter & instagram. I'm active there! Meanwhile, lemme feed you with a lil instaphotos.

Night before first final paper; Web Development. One of my torturous papers becos.. okay I'm not supposed to say this but I teared half way trying to memorize shiz. I know right.... blame the raging hormones.

Playing around with Jem's head w/ Big Head Maker from AppStore. Well, because his head was the only head that I could crop out NICELY.

Love @SillyBoyNeng at Kiva's Surprise Farewell.

Big breakfast by Big Bro on a Sunday morning. Touched max.

Babyboy PMS-ing when I didn't allow him up to my bed. His super grumpy everytime after his bath.

Studying for the last paper; Advanced PR. Paper was quite fucked up.

Vivi's best and only dish she can cook well. TomYUMZ Fried Rice. Comes along with additional blood and sweat.

Badminton on a random night. Half of right body was as sore as hell. Could not even lift up a mug without trembling!


Orite people, chao sai.


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