31 December 2011

"Goodbye 2011,"

So ever since 2010 where I dropped writing my yearly New Year's resolution, I figured I should not start anymore. Writing it down feels more like jinxing it. Here I am sitting down under the bright hot sun, trying to refresh my memory of my doings in 2011.

But honestly, I can't think of any shit.

Reading back my 2010 reminds me of how shitty that particular year was but hey, 2011 was indeed so much better. I am thankful. I definitely am a lot more proud of myself than I would usually be especially when it comes to terms of studies. I did improved a whole lot better and temper wise? Orite I can't be judging myself but I guess I am a little more rational and understanding compared to my old self.

My year ended rough. Real rough for me to accept the fact that I can have thaaaaaaat bad of a luck. Gone through 2 unwanted accidents but thank god I am still alive. Recently, my phone went through another horrendous unwanted incident. When I thought it was alright, it died. Everything's restored and really THANK GOD its still running fine. I can't imagine my life without my baby phone.

However the year would be a lot shittier if these people are absent from my life. We fight, argue, disagree but we love, appreciate and cherish each other.









I hereby wishes 2012 to be a prosperous year ahead for everyone. Most importantly, please keep all my loved ones safe and healthy.





Let those bad memories be left behind and welcome a good year ahead.


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caro said...

wish u luck and love ur pica <3 good luck & happy new year