20 December 2011

Ghost Protocol?

Generally not a fan of action movie but since I had watched MI 3 years ago and I liked it, decided to do a follow up. Action movies can never go as wrong as other genre I think? Anyway, pretty good I'd say. Not a big fan of Tom Cruise but the movie was pretty good. Funny at certain parts and.. okay I'm bad at this. Go watch it yourself. I'd give it a 6.5?

Ok now this is what I'd say. I haven't held on to my camera for monthsssss and I almost forgot how to camwhore with it. Always thought it was a tremendously bad decision to stick with Mumsy's budget and bought this lousy Ixus 120. I should've just fork out the extra hundreds to buy a Lumix LX3. Well at least I know I would still use it after years. Canon is good, but yknow how Canon is so fucking fast at producing more and more cameras and that's why you feel like your camera would never be up to date? Worse when the camera's produced gets better and better! Canon can never go on slow pace.

Anyway, a lil off track. So when I got my hands on my camera again, it felt super unknown. Fiddled around with the settings and stumble upon this amazing setting that made me turned out better than I usually does! :P It really felt like a long time since I actually uploaded pictures of myself and holy, it does feel very first time....... and awkward lol.

So, I got Rilakkuma with me.

My teeth is straighter already! When braces does its magic, its so amazing. I feel absolutely no pain for the time being even during tightening. Ok I better not jinx this wtf. Oh and yes, I am still biting on freaking chewy pork. Pork ribs especially. I can't bite on rambutans anymore. When I bite, the skin of the seed comes off together -_-

Now if you would excuse me, my bed is calling.

Goodnight, V.

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