22 December 2011

BBQ Gathering, Eight Lido @ JB, Simon's 27th & 2 hours of SG Trip

Struggled deciding where to work or not to but went in the end under permission from brotherS. Well, that's becos Mum wasn't around to say NO hahaha! Immediately after I agreed to work, I was down with bad flu and sorethroat. 2 nights before my work, you gotta be kidding me. & a night before work, I held a BBQ gathering session with the college mates. Generally, I was only in charge of providing the venue. The rest were decided by Linyng and Neng.

I know right, my brotherS taught I was nuts too. Tried so hard to hold back not to have anything BBQ-ed but it was so hard to resist! Especially when there was my favo lamb and there was only 1 becos Neng specially bought it just for me. Shuper loved. ♥ Guess the BBQ is like a yearly thing? We had it around this time of the month last year. Boy, how I do miss those times.

Two photos to perfuncturate you? I certainly did. (´∀`)

Anyway, BBQ dismissed at approx 1am and woke up at 9am the next day for work! Thank god I did felt better or else I would hate myself so much for breaking my promise. I mean since I promised to work by hook or by crook I must make it there? I KNOW RITE Y AM I SO HARDWORKING!! *gives a pat on my shoulder & shed a tear*

Inthuren Vinod is always late as predicted by Linyng. Shouldn't had been so punctual! He only came an hour late from promised time.

All ready and packed for a short get away.

My morning face, I'm sorry if I scare you but.. whose morning face would look good you tell me wtf.

Arrived at work place 3 hours later. Eight Lido is quite a good place. It feels like home but at the same time its a restaurant? I suck at describing -__- I was told that the Chef of Eight Lido was formerly from La Bodega. But yeaaaahh, pretty good place sadly its all the way at JB!

Before work with darling. Still looked fresh.

After work with darling. We literally looked like shit.

My legs were super pain and exhausted from the heels and too much of walking! My heels is only prolly 2 to 3 inch high? Gosh I really suck balls in heels man. Its also after that day that I realize that I should work smart and be less honest wtf. Nuff said.

When the clock striked at 12am, we had a mini surprise from the restaurant and us crews for birthday turtle aka boss Simon Leong!

No idea why his called SimonTurtle. He even named himself that! He said its a long story hence why he didn't bother telling lol.

Crazy workaholic boss. I don't know anyone as crazy at work like he does at the moment.

Awww hugss.

Happy birthday! ♥

Jeng jeng jeng. Ok here's the thing, Simon had told Linyng and I to bring our passports along for a short SG trip after our work. Well, I've no freaking idea how it went bc work ended at 11pm. I swear we were all too exhausted but since I've not been to SG before and I've always heard how amazing the X'mas decorations are at Orchard Road!!! So we shall proceed. Hoped on to the car and drove our way there. Half an hour away perhaps?

And oh boy, the X'mas decos are so purdy ♥


Blue box Tiffany it is. Gosh, its so pretty! It immediately caught my attention. I want a freaking blue box too :'(

So after wandering around the street and taking super tourist shots, droved over to Marina Bay Sands. I've seen a blog post by make up bloggette where she said that the LV just opened months ago and I've also followed her Instagram and she took a night view of the place. Super pretty!

Ok my best shot out of many.

Left SG at 2ish and left JB at 3-ish. Reached home at freaking 7am with my make up on. I totally did not had the time to remove my make up. Now maybe I should consider getting removal wipes. I looked like freaking zombie when I reached home. Removed make up, bathed and slept my ass off till 4pm.

I love my life. ♥

Orite chaosai peoples.


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