13 November 2011

Random: 131111

那些年,我们一起追的女孩; You Are The Apple Of My Eye.

Had always wanted to watch it since the trailer was out. Looks pretty good from the trailer. Overall must say only managed to score a 6/10.. Not cliche its pretty upset and saddening and a lil.. disappointment lol. Well if you do not have a very good teen life with girls and guys revolving around it, I supposed it would only remind you how sad your teen life was hahaha! That was exactly how I felt! Not something I would rewatch!

Possessed Neng and Jonarcigal!

Got rustier than ever. Did not lose my basics but.. ughhh suck balls.

5 weeks in a row at a bar, said 4sq. Yup absolutely true.

Post birthday dinner for cSeong @ Jogoya. First time but did not really enjoyed it. Instead everything was being cheapskate. Eat everything that is expensive and fuck everything that is cheap!

Family portrait almost purrfect except Mumsy wasn't around that night zz.

Origami back in Sem 1 taught by Ame.

Late night study break for stupid Web. I can't live without these in my notes lol.

@ The Nail Nail. Pretty good work done! Despite unfriendly manicurist.

Peeled by daddylove.

*cough* yes... this was my 4th week.

& the day before pissed drunk night for everybody. Thank god I did not drank -_-

@ Soju, 15.

Bro offered to buy one for mum and I hahaha.


Pit Stop, Kuchai Lama.

I lost count.... LOL

Mum hogging onto iPad.. Dad had no choice but to share with her hahahaha!

cSeong's love.

TANG, Y U SO S.......?

Twin Shih Ee doing what he does best.

Ben's Pavilion.

For To Sir With Love cafeteria menu!

This is how she studies for MKT test. @maycih

Subway breakfast set.


Loves, V.