25 October 2011

Shenkhai's Farewell

This took me longer than I expected. For the fact that most photos are directly from my phone haha! But anyway it was one helluva night for them. I can't rmbr much but that boy's sudden decision to leave for Melb of course shocked everyone lol. But it was for a good cause of coz.

Nope idk why am I not missing him back here. I am FLOODED with lots of work. Just that their put on hold for now, I just had the sudden mood to blog. So yupz, ready for some low resolution photos? :P

Tempting? A treat from Mr Lee himself b/c I ditched my beloved darlings during group discussion and brought him over to One-U to apply for his credit cards instead. *cough

Gold label? I forgot what are those.. but their brought over by his uncle haha totally want him dead by the night man :P

Pardon my broad smile and my not straight teeth but their absolutely fine now! THEIR ALL OUT =D

Eskius my fatness here b/c my neck is totally cut off wtf

No none of us was drunk nor tipsy but the lightings were damn off!

Adios my friend hahhahahahaha I cried for you so we're good now :P

First person who KO-ed that day. Boooooooooooooo! Swear he was super noisy when his drunk. ALWAYS.

Ok the end. I just didn't wanna put my photos to waste :O


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