19 October 2011

Dusty as ever

I have been very caught up with college and I absolutely do not have the time to even sit down and bloghopping/stalking like I used to do! Ok I kid, but even if I have that extra time, blogging is the last thing in my list I'd exchange for. So probably from now onwards, I'll post MISC photos snapped by my trustworth iPhonelove and would probably start a new label! #random

Yes awesome. & it starts now.

I had a good laugh. Found on Inti's classroom table at Lvl4. A true masterpiece.

Faeez, Ame, Maycih. When we had to go get materials to get our booth done. They were basically stuck at their seats together with styrofoams. Speaking of booth, I have an announcement to make!

Part of the booth. Late night work at Inti on a Sunday buthen it was taken down just yesterday. They redo the school bus to a VW old school bus which looks amazing as well!

Hai my beloved readers/followers, as you may all have or have not know.. I am a Mass Communication student from Inti International College Subang and would love to invite you to a Mass Comm event this coming 2th of November at 1130am to 130pm. Please kindly proceed to Lvl3 MPH right on yr right, beside the lifts. It is an event held to show appreciation and gratitude to our ex highschool teachers. So for those of you who had regretted not being able to say a simple 'Thank You' to him/her, this is your chance. Please do come and drop by at the event and join the fun! We will be having booth at the lobby as well. So feel free to enquire if you have any questions!

To Sir With Love: We Kicking It Old School!

#advertising ends.

Babyboy doing a stand.

I was stopped and spot-checked as usual after a round at Linyng's playing with her new baby Pinscher!

"My knight in shining armor!" My very awesome friend Sam asked, "IS THAT SHEEP??"

Gongcha's Wintermelon tea with Herbal jelly. Absofuckinglutely no regrets and will love it to death. Addictive.

Tutti Frutti with Linyng! Chocolate with hershey chocolate syrup. Sprinkles of oreo cookie, few gummybears, MANY cereals and few marshmallows.

Random last minute plan to dine at Ben's Pavilion. Hence everyone was under-dressed!

Harajuku Japanese Crepes which I loathe. Don't like it at all!

One of many Love & I's beautiful photos. Beauties we are lmao.

Hence why I put up a 2nd beautiful photo of us :P

Okay la! Ending this!

I'll be back.... *sings 2pm la la la la la*

Loves, V.

3 bombs thrown:

Kian Fai said...

fuiyoh nice post! didnt put google ads ka? :P

Janice said...

Oh mannnn, if I'm back home in KL I will definitely go for your event (: Been always dropping by to your blog to see if you have any updates haha! (: How's Mass Comm?

Vivian Tan said...

@kian fai - whats a google ad? O.O can earn money? :D

@janice - hey! ive been good. hahaha thankiu for dropping by, ive been very lazy when it comes to updating the blog. mass comm's been busy as well. alot to do for work :( hows ozz treating u?