19 September 2011

Can I please be hardworking again?

So, its been close to a month since the last post. As much as I am motivated to earn money, I seriously can't do this for a living, not even a part time. I don't fit any of the requirements to become a popular blogger. *cough* of course the requirements are judged by myself which should not be listed down just in case I offended anyone.

However, since I do have a little time right now while masking myself off on a Sunday night because I am home early, I shall update this dusty place.

I haven't been entirely that busy but its just the matter of time when my assignments just come flooding in. Its starting to pile already but knowing me I just can't be bothered to start work yet. There is so many lil things that had happened recently.

Oh yes, went thru my most torturous menstrual pain today. It hurts like crazy as if my organs inside me are partying away, popping champagne and getting high. I could barely stand up, I can't lie down on bed and I can't sit. It hurts in every position wtf sounds damn wrong but really WHY AM I A GIRL AGAIN??????? #FML

Anyway, another post coming up soon.... Soon..


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