19 August 2011

Sem 5!

Quick post before I'm heading out to pick Peiwuon for yumcha with Yeobosarang!

First and foremost, please let me do my prayers via blog post wtf.

Dear God, You heard me screaming and begging for my blessings from You the nights before results are out. Thank You because I was truly blessed of course not only blessings from You because I did worked really hard to get those grades. They may not be marvelous not fantastic but I am so happy because I'm really satisfied. Please continue to bless me in my coming semesters because I am afraid I wouldn't be able to make it. Please don't hate me for doubting myself, I am never once confident in anything I do. Thank You!


I dono how bigbro can be so lame at times.

Ok I gotta run sorry!


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