02 August 2011

Random: 020811

Just created a random label for random posts! So many accumulated random pix waiting to be posted out. I have pictures for certain events but their too little to be put as a post so figured should just let this be a random post.

Anywway, how are you everybody!!!!!!!

First and foremost, shall proudly announce that I iz will be having braces by this Wednesday! Excited much, a very anticipated moment. Not an impulsive decision, thought I would chickened out last minute but I stayed through the whole extraction this morning. Dentist was really nice, she ensured that I was chilled and basically gave me the whole confident thing. I trusted her!

I'll be extracting another 2 tmrw morning again. The pain is absolutely bearable, does not hurt that bad. It feels like just another toothache I had years ago that disturbed my night off haha. Painkiller will do! For the sake of beauty, no pain no gain right.

Will be keeping an updated post soon nuff! I've taken close snapshots of my before teeth already just so I could compared it months later to see the progress.

Bought by Peiwuonlove! Okehh she was really sweeeeeet. This is what I called impulsive buying, of creating drama in front of the counter hahaha she insisted to buy this for me =') thank you, love!

Chubbier face lately. Diet program put on hold, ate with no boundaries. I need to gobble my favo foods down before braces!


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