25 August 2011

The day had finally came

Everyone have their very own secret which had never been revealed to anyone before. I had never been someone really good in keeping things to myself. I love sharing stories and the fact that I am really grumpy and hot tempered, made things even harder to keep to myself.

Each time I face the same problem again and again, I had no one to turn to. I had no one I could speak to not even my best friends. Its not because of trust but perhaps its just the ego in me that I refuse to let go. That feeling was so torturous that the only thing I could do is to cry it all out during shower or during late nights where the whole house is soundly asleep.

People often ask me why do I look happy all the time. Well at least 70% of the time I carry the jolly me out. I just had to suppress and filter the emotions. It can be done easily but when the minute I get home. I don't know how to face things anymore.

The day came that I could no longer with hold the feelings, I broke down in front of my best friend. Probably its the only first time over our many years friendship she had ever seen me crying. And of all places, I did it in public but thank God there weren't many people and it was pretty dark. I tried to put myself together and story her but.. I just don't know how to start with. I can't pick up the pieces nor even summarize my words. It was so difficult.

So I put it in a way to ask her questions to answer my feelings. But it didn't work anyway.

I did felt a whole lot more better than to feel like shit. I am not almighty as I thought. Gosh, it is not even easy for me to type my feelings about this issue right here hence why your puzzle face staring at the blank screen, thinking what the fuck is this crazy bitch writing and you just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading something meaningless kthxbai.

But.. yeah.

Thank you for your time.


19 August 2011

Sem 5!

Quick post before I'm heading out to pick Peiwuon for yumcha with Yeobosarang!

First and foremost, please let me do my prayers via blog post wtf.

Dear God, You heard me screaming and begging for my blessings from You the nights before results are out. Thank You because I was truly blessed of course not only blessings from You because I did worked really hard to get those grades. They may not be marvelous not fantastic but I am so happy because I'm really satisfied. Please continue to bless me in my coming semesters because I am afraid I wouldn't be able to make it. Please don't hate me for doubting myself, I am never once confident in anything I do. Thank You!


I dono how bigbro can be so lame at times.

Ok I gotta run sorry!


12 August 2011

NOTD: OPI Show it & Glow it

You thought I would just hand you over with iPhone quality photos isn't it! I would but I've been feeling awesome lately. I actually bothered to take my dusty camera out to snap it!

Colors are pretty true, absolutely no editing. Very pretty! I feel like my nails were partying haha, literally. Its very shiny but yknow one thing about glitter nail polishes? Removing it is a pain in your ass! I had to use like 10 cotton pads for each finger >:(

Nevertheless, love this color. I guess its slightly similar to Teenage Dream. They looked the same prolly if you are trying to get your hands for that, opt for this color as well? Well, thats if you don't mind going through the hassle :P

I had 2 coats on and the texture was really thick. However, it chipped during the 3rd day even with 2 layers of Seche Vite top coat on.

Without flash.

Close up without flash.

Close up with flash.

Toodles peoples!

09 August 2011

Embrace yourself with my brace face

Haven't said this in ages but yeshhh, 600th post to toast for! ( ´ ▽ ` )

I've been dreading my lazy ass to at least write a post not for readers but for myself! Yknow during my insomnia nights when I have no dramas/movie to turn to, I tune into my blog for all my old posts. Kills time, bright lights makes me go blind but makes me sleepy as well, reminisce good old times and to get me into depression mode as well (--")

Bottom line -- I'm a loyal reader of my blog ♥ but I can't commit to how others take blogging as a part of their life, some even as their job. I wish la really wish I could just write more but my grammar and vocabulary have been tremendously bad throughout my years in college lol.

Anywayyy *drum rolls*

I am now a braces girl! Well just a little 2cent experience of mine. Pain had always been one of the thing I am really afraid of. I am not convinced when people tell me going for ear piercing does not hurt because I witness it myself and I literally feel like dying when I hear that lil' gunshot sound. I am also absolutely not convinced when people tell me that I would look better with earrings.

Throughout the years I have learnt that people around me tells me a lot of white lies. I don't blame them because I do, tell a lot of white lies wtf. Like seriously, I was so fat back then how can people tell me that I look okay and I don't need to go on a diet?!?! Looking back at my old pictures literally make me wanna hide under my blanket.

But you have to believe me. Braces really does not hurt one bit. It hurts during my 3rd extraction because another tooth was blocking it hence they were like knocking against each other and my dentist was literally having war in my mouth and I had to get stiches cause the hole was too big wtf sounds disgusting but I had my eyes closed throughout all extraction and braces! But no worries, everyone's teeth condition varies! Mine was pretty bad.

I cannot take having to see syringe as well I will literally tremble but not to an extent of faint. When my orthodontist put the brackets on my teeth, you really won't feel anything. A slight discomfort because you're trying to get used to having stuffs in their mouth. I got used to it after a few days.


Nevertheless, as long as you don't hit bracket against bracket. It would be fine (^∇^) The downside to it is well, I tried really hard to pronounce words that starts with S, X, F and it was a total failure. Also, my 2nd greatest passions which is singing, I really cannot sing a lot of words anymore. Very sad to know and I do not want all these bad pronounciation to become a habit even after braces so I talk alot alone very often in front of the mirror wtf.

Okay. Long post. Enuff with the ramblings. Kodak moments!

My lower teeth are in a total mess and I cannot wait to see magic to happen wtf.

I've heard braces can fix jawlines. Let's see if mine has any changes.


05 August 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Sunset Sail

With flash.

Without flash.

From Anchors Away Spring 2011 collection. One of the prettiest nail color ever! :)

Loves, V.

02 August 2011

Random: 020811

Just created a random label for random posts! So many accumulated random pix waiting to be posted out. I have pictures for certain events but their too little to be put as a post so figured should just let this be a random post.

Anywway, how are you everybody!!!!!!!

First and foremost, shall proudly announce that I iz will be having braces by this Wednesday! Excited much, a very anticipated moment. Not an impulsive decision, thought I would chickened out last minute but I stayed through the whole extraction this morning. Dentist was really nice, she ensured that I was chilled and basically gave me the whole confident thing. I trusted her!

I'll be extracting another 2 tmrw morning again. The pain is absolutely bearable, does not hurt that bad. It feels like just another toothache I had years ago that disturbed my night off haha. Painkiller will do! For the sake of beauty, no pain no gain right.

Will be keeping an updated post soon nuff! I've taken close snapshots of my before teeth already just so I could compared it months later to see the progress.

Bought by Peiwuonlove! Okehh she was really sweeeeeet. This is what I called impulsive buying, of creating drama in front of the counter hahaha she insisted to buy this for me =') thank you, love!

Chubbier face lately. Diet program put on hold, ate with no boundaries. I need to gobble my favo foods down before braces!