10 July 2011

My life is great

Because I have a 12 pages assignment worth 20% due on the coming Tuesday.

Because the whole Bersih 2.0 rally, I have been home for 2 straight days.





Now who am I kidding if I say I don't blame the rally for the road blocks all around Klang Valley? I am on neither sides, very neutral indeed. I have no interest towards politics and I don't know how corrupted the govt is. I tried to at least know what is this whole rally about buthen it starts to confuse me slowly, to a point I gave up knowing.

Yknow what pisses me off most? Not the road blocks but the ones whose on duty for the road blocks. They do not fucking check and all they do is just stare and stoned causing the whole massive traffic all around, creating havoc! 5 lanes all the way down to 1 lane. Well, it still would pissed me off if they are checking because honestly, this is none of my business and I can't be considerate enough to put myself in their shoes.

All I knew was I had to go home after a long day at college. With my fucked up test and presentation, I knew I just had to get home, washed up and go look for Peiwuon love to rant away. I had to go home for dinner and I needed to pee! So who would give a fuck about how all these angry drivers feels on the road, being stuck in the traffic, dying to pee and to ease their hungers huh?

Now I thank God everything is over. Well, hopefully.

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