20 July 2011

Liverpool Training Day & Match Day, 14 & 16th July

Work was work, but it was not as hectic as the first day. Training day was okay! We were all stationed outside at the gates with good companions! I had Pwuonlove with me teehee. Maycih was with Linyng and err.. thats about it lol.

Preparing before work. Nothing particular but I just love how my face looks small here wtf

From violet gate, all the way to yellow gate. A good companion never fails ;)


And it was around 6pm where crowds became lesser.. so we were allowed to sneak in for a few mins to have a look! Liverpool fans are totally hardcore fans. The amount of people who came was more than the crowd from Arsenal's match day!

@ Match Day.

I was... all alone. Played a one man show and the worst thing was I had no signal with me everywhere from 3G to 2G till no service. Seriously pissed the living shit outta me because I wasn't supposed to be alone! Buthen again who can I blame -_- Good training to learn all by myself.

Made friends with a few of them and I swear it was so difficult to talk to people. Their pretty ignorant to begin with and ughhh thank god I met nice peoples too! I was stationed at the red gate till a man came to put me at the VIP2 entrance as a 'guide' which is pretty pointless because the securities knows the gates of the stadium wayyyy better than I do. I pretty much stood there for no reason.

& then another man came to put me at the VVIP entrance which was pretty torturous but good experience. Met so many big shots which obviously gives no fuck about my existence haha but the most embarrassing moment was when I didn't even knew the Prince of Terengganu was the Prince wtf until I saw his car plate! Finished job at VVIP entrance after Tengku Mahkota came. Swear I nearly died with the sun shining right at me and the stressnessss of standing there. I had a moment to myself thinking what if I made mistakes and some bodyguards just take out a gun and shoot me wtf. Great imagination, thank you.


I really had a good view to myself! I could have got a clearer view of Brad Jones *drools*

Anyway, working for Chealsea Match Day tmrw! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE TORRES!!!!!


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