24 July 2011

Chelsea vs Malaysia 11'

It could have been the best day of work. Having to see Torres in the field and my last pay day before I bank in the money. But no, it was one of the worst day at work EVER. I cannot emphasize on how bad it was.

I was stationed at a bad place and with the amount of immoral spectators. It made things worse. Once and for all, people are selfish I understand. You paid for expensive ticket and you expect a good view in return. But excuse me, which part of English do you not understand that it is full inside maybe you should try the other side, sir/ma'am?

We talked to you nicely and you pointed fingers at us? Seriously, how immoral can you all be? Customer is always right but sorry I am not the fucking person who sold you the fucking ticket. Why should we, part-timers tolerate nonsense like a malay dude threatened to punch my friend's face? Which part of my GIRLFRIEND does not clearly shows that she is a girl? SHAME ON YOU. A man trying to punch a 19 year old girl? How pathetic can you be.

We were just trying to do our jobs, checking your tix to ensure that you are at the right place. I know it gets annoying when we constantly do it but if you would just sit inside and not go in and out all the time, we wouldn't even need to check. In fact, if we had a choice we didn't even wanto check! YKNOW HOW DIRTUY THE TICKET IS? Its soaking wet in some of your asses and sweat okay.

I came home and googled 'Chelsea vs Malaysia', came across a discussion at the Lowyat forum saying that we did not do our work and we just let people in as we wish. Excuse me sir, if you are not blind you could have see that the situation LOST CONTROL. We couldn't even do anything! Being treated like that with all these dramatic people going, I feel very underpaid okay! Not like we get extra OT money when we dismiss late.

To those who were nice and understanding, thank you very much. Really, could not thank you enough for being so nice.

To whoever who had tried any ways to be rude to the part timers, fuck you seriously. Fuck your immorality and rudeness. You should know who you are. Karma will get to you.

It could have been a good view. Beautiful day.

And my view end up being like that, could barely even see Torres wtf.

There you go, for whom it may concern.

Good day.


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muchang said...

auwww torres is the cutest!! i have a crush on him :)