18 July 2011

Arsenal Match Day, 13 July @ Bukit Jalil

Okay now stop calling me a spoilt brat because I do work part time occasionally! Trying real hard to earn my extra incomes. I can solely depend on pocket money anymore its just too.. little for me to survive -_-

Anyway, worked on all match days and this is just one of it. We were kinda separated from the rest but thank god I had Linyng and Amelia with me! Good companion. Pretty dramatic to begin with, stationed at the green gate as a ticket usher but yknow how civilized some people could me?

And what pisses me off most was when there were fights going on, a police standing right behind me totally ignored what I said. "Sudah gaaaduhhhhhhh!" *continues to look at me and pretend like nth happened* Srsly? Someone give him a punch on his face can??

Quite a distance away but it was a clear view though!

Liverpool and Chelsea day coming soon!


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